Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Definitely gonna go Wolves on my first FIFA19 career


That’s surprising. Zinchenko is a favourite of Ted Knutson’s, called him baby KdB. Given how well he played as a LB it’s also surprising Pep would let him go. Kind of signing we should really be interested in, tbh.


Buy back clause perhaps?


No option for Kovacic otherwise they’d have said.

Fucking YAS!!!


I wonder if Man United are actually going to buy one of the 300 CBs they’re being linked with…


I hope United are the ones who end up buying the Demagorgon


United look very amateurish in this window.

I know Woodward is shit but wow they haven’t been at it at all.


Wolves could easily finish 7th :joy:


This guy is definitely a knight of the seven kingdoms.


His name is tremendous. I’d sign him on that basis alone.

He’s not bad to look at either :henry2:


WTF!? Watford to spend 60 mil? Lol!


Yeah, Arsenal are for the poor :wink: :xhaka:


This proves we have to stop selling players for peanuts now.

Players are now the most valuable assets, so much more than cash (bright idea to have those cash reserves, could do with good player reserves :xhaka:)

And if we want to spend properly we have to sell the deadwood for much better.

Literally begging clubs to take Ospina Welbeck and Jenkinson ffs who are on huge wages.

Also, can Zouma play LCB because I’d take him



Time to take our Vidamins!



Too bad we’re not signing this guy, when he made a nice play I could’ve said, like my pal Keylor Navas, “Buena (,) Vida!”



Few emoticons :xhaka:


A SEVEN year deal :cech:


A very good signing for them. If you disregard the price tag and just look at the individual.


Crazy sum, we’re not in the same league as the other top flight teams when it comes to transfers, I can’t imagine Arsenal paying that kind of money for such a young GK.