Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Not if you’re a supporter.


Unfortunately I think the Chavs could be pretty good. Sarri’s Napoli lost Higuain and then scored 94 goals with Martens/Insigne/Callejon in attack. When he gets his system in place, they’ll be fine with Hazard/Morata/Willian.

I like Chelsea for third place and second wouldn’t surprise me.



Gotta keep the Dembele thing quiet i’d imagine, considering the whole Barca Pogba thing. If they know Dembele is headed our way it may scupper the deal. Have faith.


Think if it happens it won’t happen now. Pogba and Dembele.

Need Malcom starting over in La Liga pls and more Mourinho setting fire to everything before his sacking.

Good shit thank god.


Yesterday looked promising for some late Ozil type madness but today it all seems quiet which isn’t a good sign.

Going to be a typical boring end to the window for us tomorrow unfortunately.


I’m talking about the reality of the two positions, not which one helps you to feel superior to other fans.


Well then you’d know the reality is that supporters of clubs support their this and that regardless, and consider their team better than teams that finish above them despite the rational argument of league positions for example. A lack of arguments otherwise on your part suggests that you know that as well. So then it is not reality that Arsenal supporters spend their entire day looking to put blame on their own for shit they don’t do. It is reality to absolve them of shit they do though. If you’re a supporter of that club, that is.


Wenger isn’t our manager any more, so if you’re still defending him all you’re proving is that you’re a better supporter of Wenger than other people, not that you’re a better Arsenal supporter.

Doing this just makes you an idiot :joy:


ok :slight_smile:


Yeah understood - it isn’t a popular opinion obviously - most pundits and most here think they will finish 3/4th. I just have a sneaky suspicion some of the unsettling of Hazard and Courtois, et al., plus having a shambles at striker is going to cost them.


Thanks god.


I am too, perhaps I’m being impatient in wanting to see more deadwood gone. The rebuild is going to take a while for Arsenal to try and compete.


Bless your heart




Watford spending more Money than us. Scenes


Yeah it’s funny that like two years ago opinions appeared to be along the lines of “if Wenger goes now he leaves the next guy in a good position” and now it’s “what a fucking mess” :mustafi:


Around here if you repeat (positive) things enough they become true. Liverpool fan-itis.

Early business does not necessarily = good business. We don’t know if Guendouzi and Torreira are good investments. With Torreira there’s likely a reason a club like Arsenal could get him for a reasonable transfer fee like that, and with Guendouzi he was our 2nd choice to Yacine Adli. Not saying either or both of them won’t turn out to be good players for us but the fact they came early really shouldn’t have anything to do with the appraisal of them, tbh if you look at Wenger’s record of signing the so-called ‘panic buys’ is really as much of a mixed bag as the business done early, in the former basket you’ve got some nice signings like Özil, Arteta, Mertesacker, Monreal, Arshavin and some shit ones like Park, Santos, Welbeck, Pérez, and Gabriel, and in the latter basket you’ve got some nice signings like Alexis, Koscielny, Cazorla and some shit ones like Sanogo, Xhaka, Podolski, Giroud, Cech, Chambers, etc. – I dunno about you but the only common thread I see between the two groups is Wenger.

Ehh, we certainly have the economic ability to intelligently construct a team far better than the one we have now. This sentence would more apply to an Atlético yet mi Atléti’s (:heart:) squad is far better than Arsenal’s. As for not being able to compete with the powerhouses in the league just yet, no, not in the short term, but certainly we could see some progress to really be in those top 3-4 teams with good management (and long term it is certainly a reasonable goal to expect to be competing for the league with those teams; if it weren’t you’d have to figure out a way to erase the Atlétis (:heart:), Monacos, Dortmunds, etc. from the history books); If Tottenham can do it certainly we have it in our power…

We’ve done about the bare minimum expected of us this summer, tbh. I think the bolded is a bit disingenuous tbh.

Really? I’m pretty sure I have. If not directly in the most literal of takes, I’ve definitely seen the “we really need to stop this kind of contract management with the new regime” takes.

Ehhh…we definitely had an inordinate number of these cases. Extremely naive to think it didn’t have something to do with the Wenger regime’s incompetence.


Wolves have agreed a fee with Manchester City for Oleksandr Zinchenko, Sky Sports News understands.

However, the transfer depends on whether the Premier League newcomers can persuade the versatile Ukrainian to leave the reigning Champions.

Zinchenko would cost Wolves £16m, and City are prepared to let him leave for that price but Nuno Espirito Santo has yet to persuade the player to make the move.

He played 14 times for City last season and was impressive as a makeshift left back when injuries deprived Pep Guardiola of Fabian Delph and Benjamin Mendy. But he is now seen as surplus to requirement and Guardiola will allow him to leave.

Quite the window for Wolves.


One of the guys I manage at work is a Wolves fan, he’s really excited but totally fucking bemused by all this activity lol