Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Looks like a curly haired Santi haha


I would like to see this happen…may not weaken Chelsea as much as loosing Hazard, but could dislodge Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona…maybe making him available for loan?

Emery said today that “At the moment, I think the squad is complete. We will only sign another player if there is an opportunity to bring in that one player, or two players. We will only sign a player in the next month if he’s a big opportunity”.

As we have signed players in the key positions we needed to strengthen in, it means we are now in a great position to go and get a quality player if he becomes available…

Would love Dembele at Arsenal to join up with our ex BVB players and Sven.



Good value deal


They really don’t need him, do they?


I think Shaqiri very good depth especailly at the fee being quoted tbh. Alot of top experience , good age and phsical condition

Has the skill set to work well in Klopp’s system as long as his attitude is in check


Liverpool are in the CL, as well as being one of the main rivals to Man City for the PL.
They are also getting rid of Ings and do lack depth in the striker position.
They have the money, they aren’t afraid to spend it and they are ambitious, so why not?
Although it will be interesting to see if they are still after Fekir, or an equivalent attacking player.


I’d imagine he’ll be happy being a squad player and playing whenever, wherever…


Really? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


This went right over my head when I read it earlier :joy:


Sporting we’re never going to millions of Euros worth of talent leave without a fight. Should be interesting to see how this pans out.

Hope Sporting get their compensation


I agree, will be interesting to see how this goes, This could criple most clubs let alone one in Portugal.

With Sporting coming in hot wanting £50mil maybe they settle nearer the middle or slightly less, or maybe Sporting get mugged off altogether and get nothing which would be kinda crazy.


Why could this criple most clubs?

I don’t think that would be all that crazy. Players were attacked on the club’s ground. Surely they have some sort of responsibility for the security of the players and people there.


Because they’re losing a good deal of their most sellable assets, I’m talking in terms results on the pitch in addition to financial strain.


I don’t see them getting anything if it can be proved that the club was culpable because of a lax in security.


According to RMC/GFFN they get €18+10m for William Carvalho. Or those are the rumours. So it might not be as bad financially. Their reputation is death obviously.


It seems unlikely they had a ‘if we get attacked by the fans we can be released clause’ in their contracts.

That was criminal activity and I don’t think the club can be held responsible for that.


Of course they can be held responsible. They are not responsible for the ‘criminal activity’, but they are absolutely responsible for the safety of their players.


All depends on whether or not appropriate measures were in place to reasonably prevent such an incident happening. If not, I can imagine they could absolutely be held liable in an employment tribunal or whatever.

Says the man who has zero HR or legal knowledge haha


It depends because they most likely have some kind of duty of care towards the players.

The ability to void their contracts may be valid but the question of compensation may be arguable regardless.