Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


No, you’re just making shit up now. Steel means grit, toughness, mental fortitude, some balls etc. Not any of the things you said in your previous post.


Fatty attack :arteta:




He looks so thrilled :joy:


Absolute steal for them, the smaller clubs are doing some impressive business this year.


Newcastle have signed Kennedy on loan for the season


Seri’s issues must be genuine if he’s ended up at Fulham


What issues? The toe thing?

Anyways lol at this signing, it’s a mind boggler to me, guess we’ll see how good he actually is. Rooting for the guy!


Bale Lukaku Alexis

Putting a claim in for one of the best front 3’s in the league?


Interesting… Madrid doing a bit of clean out.

Not easy to replace CR7 and Bale

Wonder what’s happening with Martial


Well they will replace them as in buy two top starts but they definitely will not be replicating the success of the past few years. Zidane, Ronaldo and Bale all out, time to pick out a new champions league winner.


West Ham are on one


It’s about time that the West Ham owners started spending the money they have been hoarding the last few seasons.
They might do ok.
They have a decent manager, who has won the PL, and are getting some good players in.


I don’t particularly rate Anderson. I think £40m is daylight robbery and very good business by Lazio.


It’s a lot of money but a club like West Ham, who are in the PL, have to spend above the going rate in transfer fees and wages to attract players like him.
Selling clubs from other leagues must love it when PL clubs are after their players, and they just increase the price by several million.
He’s still quite young, so I would imagine the West Ham owners look at this as an investment that isn’t particularly risky.
In fact, knowing the way they do business, they will probably be looking to make a profit on him if he succeeds there.


Sounds like they could go an a huge madness.

They have spent barely anything the past 3 years, while taking in huge CL winner revenues, and if they sell Ronaldo and Bale…



No Txiki and no Raul, no party.

Paying £50 million for this guy. As the londoners say: kmt


The state of Barca.

As if Messi wasn’t depressed enough after the World Cup.

Fekir is still available and they’re looking to pay that kind of money for someone who couldn’t consistently start for Chelsea…


Expect Wolverhampton to move well as well.