Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Issa Diop and Felipe Anderson I’d rather put in the very good category. Young up-and-coming players. Wilshere and Yarmolenko didn’t make it at bigger clubs.


Yeah so kinda a coup for a club like west ham to sign them then isn’t it?


Two sides I never get excited about whoever they buy are West Ham and Everton. Graveyard clubs for decent players imo.



One thing that Liverpool do need this season is numbers and he fits that bill. Not a fan of him and not sure how he really fits in their.


Except they did, all were seen as saviour signings. Alexis, Ozil and Cech were described as our Galactico signings. Xhaka was seen as a top CDM by Football Manager players. Short memories


They were top signings at the time tho.


Very good signing! West Ham can finish in the top 10th.


MM said “bit of steel added”, he did not once mention the words “saviour”, “Galactico” or “top”.

Respond to what’s been said.


I don’t like him either but would be good to see Shaqiri sign for Liverpool as that must surely end any pursuit of Fekir


I don’t think it does, Shaqiri is not a Fekir replacement.

He adds to squad depth, they’ll probably go back in for Fekir.


They are both similar type of players…can play across midfield, on the wing or in behind the striker…


And one is bordering on world class and the other is average.

Not in the same class and I doubt signing one rules out the other.


I completely agree, but don’t understand why Liverpool would sign Shaqiri and then go back in for Fekir…I would sign Fekir over Shaqiri every time but hope Liverpool go for Shaqiri


Fekir is starter material whereas Shaqiri is not, that’s why I can easily see them signing both.

Their bench is honestly dire in terms of attacking options.


Can’t see it…Liverpool’s bench isn’t that bad that they would need both…unless they sell


Ings is leaving who else of quality do they have on the bench in terms of attacking threat?

It’s a key reason they tapered off towards the end of the season in the league.


Ings, Sturrigde and Chamberlain (but he was used a midfielder quite a lot) are the players behind Salah and Mane. Of which Sturrigde rather plays as a striker and might even be off this month. That leaves only Danny Ings as back up for Salah and Mane. They need another player for that.


Steel in this context implies that they’ll be a success and not crap or average. But if you want to stick with cold hard facts, they are not literally made from steel.


2018 Higuain, Morata and Giroud strike force :arteta: