Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Or a world record bid for Kane :giroud3:


They have bought other players, but I was making the point that they are not the massive buying club they were, when they used to be buying squad players for 30m.
They also sold a lot of players as well.
Costa, Matic and Caudrado were over 100m.

I’m not saying they don’t buy, but in recent seasons there have been very few world class players coming in, unless you count Giroud, which I’m sure you do and they have actually sold some, which they rarely used to do.

I just wonder whether Abramovich is getting bored with his toy, which has become boring, as well as expensive to maintain.


Too much noise for this not to have have legs.

I don’t really get Juve as a destination tbh, I guess he wants to win another CL. Can’t believe United are sitting on their hands, seems like the kinda deal they would go for


If you’ve played for Madrid and United, Juventus seems like a logical enough last move.


I never though Juve credible because of the wages. Either he’s taking a massive paycut or Juve are breaking their structure to pay him disproportionally compared to the rest of the squad, don’t know which one is more plausible.

Do PSG have nothing to say about this either? Signing CR7 seems right up their alley


At 33 Italy is a great place to play competitive football but not the most strenuous on the body.

Also he could well lead Juve to the CL trophy, that isn’t happening at United for the foreseeable future.


Sounds like this move will require Juve to sell Dybala and Higuain.

Can see Higuain at Chelsea, but who buys my man Dybala? :disappointed_relieved:


What what the rumours are suggesting it appears that they will break their wage structure to bring him in. Think they are offering as much as Madrid were prepared to, which seems very odd considering the way their club is run


I’d still love Dybala - seems to have fallen down the hype ranking a bit, but to me he has all the ingredients of a top player and is still young. Doubt we could fetch him/afford him, but he has been on my wishlist for a while (along with Salah and Tielemans).


Would love Dybala here


I think Higuain will leave but nobody credible has said anything about Dybala.

They would be insane to sell him, if they want a CL then he has to stay, and long term he is a better bet than CR7.

They are breaking their wage structure, and there are talks of FIAT sponsoring Cristiano to get round FFP haha.

Tbf Juve haven’t spent that much money lately (apart from Higuain which was paid by Pogba) and having made 2 CL finals, their revenues should look good.

I think they can afford this, especially for one of the GOATs. This is a huge transfer though.

@sevchenko United surely have more pressing concerns than to buy another expensive old LW/CF and I think PSG are hamstrung by FFP. UEFA are watching PSG pretty closely, and I dunno if the €100m clause applies to them.


From a footballing point of view, for sure. But it depends on their financial situation. I guess Alex Sandro could be off, Higuain will fetch a decent enough fee I suppose, if they can find a buyer – but Dybala is their main valuable asset.

Having said that, i’d love to see Ronaldo, Douglas Costa and Dybala together :fire::fire::fire:


Me too, that would be absolutely ridiculous.

Then you got a MF of Pjanic - Can and Khedira/Matuidi??(could upgrade here) and a CL run is not out of the question at all.

Cuadrado will be told in no uncertain terms to give up his jersey haha

I really want this to happen, because it would be so good for the league. One of the best players in the world coming to Italy again. :giroud2:


Ronaldo wants to play until he is 41, could definitely do that in Italy



This is gonna be Real’s attack next season, imo.



They just gonna take the No7 off Cuadrado?


You think Ronaldo’s ego would have it any other way?

But the 7/7 announcement seems like BS tbh


I know it isn’t but 7/7 + clicked brings to mind the London Bombings.


Ronaldo’s journey could be over at Real Madrid after 9 seasons, 438 games & 450 goals :eyes:.