Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


If the manager believes in him I don’t see why not, few fans can be as unforgiving as those at Barca.

Very little chance of us signing him so you can rest easy.


Lots of noise all over the place so hard to know what to believe relative to our next moves… seems unlikely to me that we get another CM if Ramsey stays and Torreira are coming in; although TBH I would be over the moon if it spelled Xhaka’s end… good grief every time I get a glimmer of hope for him I am reminded how low his football IQ is and I just can’t forgive that in CM.

One other note - us buying these misfits from big clubs (ie top prospects that have gone cold a bit) isn’t the worst strategy in the world… combine that with the odd Auba signing and shrewd youth strategy and we can compete with the top clubs without same spend if we are very clever about it. Scouting and dealmaking will be key.


We need news, not meme :xhaka:


Heavy rumours linking Pavard with Bayern.

There’s a surprise :xhaka:


BayernLiga at it again


If France did well at the WC there would be no chance to get him.



Moggi says it’s done.

Tbh the signs were there with the David Trezuguet style goatee look.


Which means Real Madrid will make a big signing to replace CR. Who will it be? Salah? Mané?


Kane? :grinning:


Hazard hopefully.





Can’t see Hazard leaving to be honest but I’d love for it to be true.

Out of the reported top three options for Madrid (Neymar, Mbappe, Hazard), I can’t see them getting any one of them.


Why not Hazard? He clearly is open to a move and has said so himself, Chelsea are a shambles.

With Ronaldo potentially out that’s the perfect situation for him.


I don’t think Hazard is anywhere near the high profile as Ronaldo but he is a great player, and if he has any ambition, he must leave Chelsea.

Although they got Moratta, the only other players they have bought recently are Drinkwater, Barkley and Giroud, so it’s clear they are no longer the buying club they were, and perhaps Abramovich might decide it’s better to get a good price for Hazard while he is worth selling.


The move would make sense but I just can’t see Chelsea being willing to sell him this summer


They wouldn’t want to but they risk losing him for nothing if they don’t let him go, he only has two years left I think, Chelsea would sell well and not risk it.

It’s dangerous to keep players that have already moved on in their heads.



What about Bakayoko, Zappacosta, Rüdiger and Emerson? They might not be the biggest names but still a hell of a lot of money. Over 100m for the 4 of them.


I can see him trying for it now, but not while Ronaldo was there.

Chelsea are a shambles right now. He’d be wise to jump ship.

Madrid should get Kane too :henry2:


It’s time for him to move especially if Ronaldo is off, seems Chelsea is on a downward slide to a degree.

Left unchanged their business model won’t be winning them a title every other year anymore.