Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


I’m not convinced Juve can/will pay his wages. And I don’t see him taking a massive pay cut.


I wouldn’t be totally surpsied, Real may finally be done with the antics.

At 33 there’s only so many times Ronaldo can pull the increase mah wages trick, despite the end to the season he was very, very poor in the first half.

Cant help but be doubtful but it would free them up to pursue, Hazard, Neymar et al



Andre Gomes? :bellerin:


Inb4meltdown :giroud:

EDIT: yes pls. Gomes and Bakayoko :giroud2:


Oh fuck! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Emery isn’t allowed to decide those things.


Yeah nonsense rumour haha



Pavon, Nzonzi, Banega and Torreira all in bound according to Arsenic. Nice.


Pavon is a good winger. I’d take him here.



Ornstein is just a btec Arsenic now. If only he had a face, then we could meme him up fighting John Cross instead.




Isn’t Gomes fucking dogshit?


I don’t think so no, just hasn’t worked for him at Barca and he’s lost almost all confidence in his ability to the point where he struggled with his mental health.

He looked quite good at Valencia, just needs a change of scenery and manager that believes in him.


yep. Wouldnt touch him with a stick. image


Fair enough! I’ve heard a shit ton of negativity about him on reddit to the point where he’s almost a comedy player but he was obviously bought for a reason and a change of scenery could be exactly what he needs.


Yeah it reached a fever pitch, Barca fans are used to a certain degree of excellence but it got way out of hand. Xavi had to step in and try and put an end to the criticism.

Wherever he ends up I’d like to see him do well.


I’d like to see him do well, but do you think this is the kind of club a guy struggling with mental health because of poor performances wants to come to???