Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Fenerbanche buying all our deadwood :heart_eyes:


Oh no.

This would cause Cuellar to get a permaban.


Why? Atletico aren’t interested in him too are they? :eyes:


Free for that lot is about right.


I’m not saying I think Andre Gomes is shit (that would be a disservice to the word shit), but paying 40 million for him would be paying 50 million too much.


He would be our Bakayoko !


Yeah tbf think he’d be more pissed if they went after him.

Basically this guy has been absolutely shite for Barcelona.

And would only intensify Cuellar’s rants about Emery, Baldies and fat Catalans.

I’m scared to @ him tbh, it’s better he doesn’t know.

I’m reassured though, by my doubts that AFC would pay the fee Barcelona want.


It looks like Fenerbahce have signed the english Sven before the transfer window to get these deals done.


This is why I think Di Marzio is not extremely reliable. There is so much shits he spouts besides the transfers he has correct.


He’s also a client of Mendes. So lots of smoke, and zero fire.


I ain’t making his thread, I got too good a record so it might happen.


We are not getting Andre Gones FFS :joy:

We’re cannon fodder for rumours at this point.


Everyone laughed at Barcelona signing Paulinho and look what happened. Willian’s quality and I’d love it if they signed him


What happened at Barcelona? It was and is still a laughable deal.



I saw this rumour the other day and couldn’t believe it. It really wouldn’t surprise me if it happens though, certainly seems to be gathering pace


Yea not gonna happen. I dont even know why im bothered to say its not gonna happen.


Tell them that Arsenal will give them a group discount :joy:


wtf. El Chiringuito reliable?

I suppose that is one way of getting over that CL bottling


I believe so yeah

This is the guy who tweeted the rumour. Meant to be quite close to Perez too…

“He leaves”