Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Would rather Pavon here.



So true :joy:


Leel is already an old fart. I trust Sven enough to not sign this plumber.


Lord “Plumber” Bendtner


How dare you call me a plumber. You will regret that very very very much i tell ya. I will think about your punishment and come back to you later.


Pahahahahahaha Orny on a madness!!! :poldi: :arteta:

Edit: nooooo!!!






His true face has surfaced. The fraud


Who’s more stupid. Barcelona for being willing to pay £50m for Willian, or Chelsea for turning down?

Also, who are Barca preparing to sell?


I wanna say they’re on the windup on Chelsea fans but other places were mentioning this rumour.

Bartomeu :facepalm:


How do you go from Griezmann to Willian?

When the likes of Fekir are still on the table, Willian is not that guy and would be a incredibly weird signing. Not sure I can buy this.


Did you buy Paulinho?

Bartomeu is a corrupt cunt, if this happens he’ll have his piggy fingers in some scam aroundabouts.


Don’t think Darkseid could afford him mate


Paulinho isn’t a bad signing per se, doesn’t suit their style but is a grinder and gives that energy and goals here and there.

But they clearly need a proper attacker to step in for Suarez who is aging, Willian doesn’t suit their style of play either. When you watch him he slows down play and isn’t quick to make decisions.


He’s one of their best players. £50m seems about right.


I’m not disputing price, he simply doesn’t suit Barca and isn’t what they need.


I think £50m is a bit much to be honest. One of Chelsea’s best players or not – he can still be frustrating and inconsistent at times. Plus he’ll be 30 at the start of the season.


He’d be terrible for Barcelona. He is clueless when facing the type of tactics teams that Barcelona play adopt.

See the Brazil games Vs Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia.

Even ask Chelsea fans, many of them are sick of him too.

If they don’t bring Thiago back (esp after losing Iniesta), I’d be raging if I was a Barca fan.


Wouldn’t be surprised if hat mug Bartomeu got gassed off the game yesterday.

If true, it’s an inept signing, Fekir is the one they should be looking to bring in, in certain games he could play false #9 or on the right, he brings goals and can play Barca ball.