Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


I’m relaxed. This is getting done! Sven is on the case!!!


Fuck off Orny! You are letting us down :bellerin:


Ornstein only repeating what he’s been told. But he hasn’t been fed that info unless it’s pretty much done imo.

Just gonna tag @Trion cos I know even mild praise of DO sets him off.


Ornstein knows more than the President of Sampdoria now?? Lelelelelel k.


So Orny right now…

All night long…


Speaking of transfers have anybody heard when M’Vila will sign. Tired of waiting for him.


A glowing reference indeed :grinning:


We’re waiting to see if Diaby will re-sign first.




Should have done this… hopefully Leno works out, but this guy at this price would have been my option and a steal in the long run imho



At least one of my teams has taste.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.


Yeah was an interesting prospect, would have been worth a punt especially at that price.

Then again he has over 3000+ minutes of tape to evaluate, if the top clubs haven’t bitten they may not see the talent there.


Great signing for them.



The only good player along with Aguero and Messi in this crap Argentina side.


I’d take him in a heartbeat, he is what we think Welbeck is, but even better. But won’t happen again.


I don’t rate him, the fact he was getting minutes over Bale is a travesty.

Would much rather we go for a proper winger, best thing about Vasquez is his work ethic. He’s a limited player.


Will be really interesting to see who we target on the wing.


I disagree, I think he’s actually a very smart player.

He knows the cynical side of the game (his pen Vs Juve) but whenever I’ve seen him, he makes the right decision (dribble/pass/shoot, who to pass to etc)

And like you said he has a really good workrate, but I guess you might be right in saying that we could go for a more classic winger profile.


Would rather play Reiss Nelson instead of this bland and uninspiring spanish twat.