Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


He’s been baaad this season.


We’ve got to be kidding with this transfer surely? Absolutely not what we need. If we’re going down the Sokratis route I’d rather we just bought Evans for £3m.


Yeah, don’t remember him having great seasons with Milan, Genoa and Dortmund. Fucking greedy board :wenger2:


Can you stop saying this? It’s based on nothing and the Kroenkes aside the board don’t own a single share.



Sokratis Papastathopoulos is set to join Arsenal for around €20m, becoming the first signing in the post-Wenger era.


He any good? Getting slandered on Twitter.

Ffs why not try for Toby?


I like him but he’s had a bad season, like the rest of BVB. He formed a good partnership with Hummels but they haven’t had a decent defence since Hummels & Tom left. That could be because of 2 poor managerial appointments though.


A write up taken from r/BorussiaDortmund. Doesn’t sound good. :joy:

He’s a strong defender yet at the same time very weak. He’ll crush attackers but fall at the slightest contact if he feels he won’t make it to the ball first.

He has the tendency to rush out of the defensive line and leave a gap behind him. Whether or not this is an instruction he has received I don’t know but it’s a problem.

Oh and he likes to push/pull players down in the box, though admittedly I don’t remember too many incidents where that resulted in a penalty even with VAR this season.

Overall, I think he’s a good defender but he has regressed. He’s a bit dumb and hot headed on the field as well sometimes (got a second yellow because he kept waving away at the ref after receiving a yellow)


Greek boy and much older Greek boy will be the new Campbell and Toure and lead us to Baku 2019 and the title


You never go wrong with a greek defender. Im sold ! #InSvenWeTrust


Him and Mustafi together is just asking for troubles.


Who says they are together :henry2:


Unless we sell him :wink:


So does this mean that Turk isn’t coming/is lies?


Ah so when we asked for a big name signing, they took it literally


I wonder if his father is called Papa Papastathopoulos?


So our plan is to just sign Dortmund/former Dortmund players then…


Is Dortmund really the level we’re shooting for? :laca:


Yeah and Sokratis isn’t even one of the good ones lol




If we keep Mustafi than yes I assume.