Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Get this man some warm socks and he is ready to go.


Just effing cut off the toe


Ramsey Seri Ozil

Would you say no to it?


I would. I think the balance is gone in that midfield. Unless Ramsey gets really disciplined and accepts a defensive role. But that seems unlikely. I’m sure we can get Seri in for less money than Ramsey is going out. They are the same age. I like Seri more for the football Arteta will try to play. Xhaka can use a more mobile partner. I don’t really see any negatives in this ‘swap’ tbh.


Keeping Wilshere and selling Rambo would be a bad move.


Players trained in England…

No nailed on starter homegrown players beyond Hector, whose been suspect himself


I’d rather we shipped out Jack kept Ramsey and signed the likes of Seri.

Keeping Jack and selling Ramsey seems a backwards step whoever we bring in IMO.


Homegrown players don’t need to be starters though do they? We’ll lose Mertesacker and have 14 non-homegrown players of out 17 allowed. We will meet that quota without Ramsey.

@Darkseid it also depends on who wants to stay and who doesn’t. Maybe Ramsey has let it known he will not sign another contract. But that is just speculation at this point.



True, end of the day it’s in Ramsey’s hands.

Club will do everything they can to keep him most likely.

@Electrifying: Surely can’t be him and Caglar, coming in. Not sure how I feel about Sokratis at this point.


That would be a great signing, especially if we get it done early and before the World Cup.


Kicker can go fuck themselves. Although they were only half wrong hehehe.


Yeah man, fucking dicks got all our hopes up for nothing


Wow! Such a big signing.


Would love me some big hairy greek bastard like him. Good for Mavros develeopment too. #inSvenWeTrust


Maybe we sell Mustafi and loan Holding or Mavro out.





Will be interesting to see what the pecking order is between Chambers, Holding and Mavro.


Sokratis turns 30 in June.

I suppose if Koscielny is physically finished, Mustafi possibly sold and Mertesacker gone, then there is need for an experienced CB.

Is he any good though?


Same agent as Mav.