Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Erm didn’t we already know this? Like months ago?


Arteta was a deadline day signing. He knows how valuable they are.


BREAKING & “Sky Sources”

:joy::joy::joy: sky are such fucking twats


Need to get our business done before the WC starts. It’s a massive month ahead.


Didnt they used to be pretty reliable?


They did but they don’t have a clue now.

“Sky sources” now means they have read twitter and or want some sweet betting money from skybet


So exactly when it was always going to open then.


Tbf it’s opening early in the PL because of the early shutting.

Usually officially opens in June


Lets get NaggelGOD in quickly so he can have his say on transfers.


It’s not though. It’s opening in line with FIFA rules. The window is a length of time, not set dates.

(Note I knew nothing of this prior to the PL changing the window. :))


Yeah got to be open for 12 weeks.


Isn’t that what Calum is saying? The window needs to be open for a set period, because it’s closing early this summer it needs to open early.


I’m saying it’s not opening early. It’s opening when it has to on account on when it closes. Ridiculous pedantism on my part to be fair.


It always closes at the very start of September, but this year it is closing earlier. So it is opening earlier.

It is literally a fact that it is opening earlier than usual, no idea where you’re coming from here mate haha.

I think it’s best we just leave this before it turns into a “Jackson Martinez is 28/29” discussion :joy:

Oh and its pedantry :stuck_out_tongue:


Set you up :slight_smile:


The time is now 7:35am but it’s practically 8:00am.


Suuuure you did :smile:


Can’t wait for that Max Meyer announcement this Thursday ahhhhhh.


Sky sources are probably the Chuckle Brothers, but still…


IF this is happening Ramsey is not extending his contract.