Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


If we bought him he’d immediately be our most technically sound player. He can play with both feet, I would say the closest comparison would be Santi Cazorla. Barca were after him but they couldn’t strike a deal and then they bought Paulinho instead. I think they were trying to lowball his club because shortly after the president basically said if you give us 40m he’s yours. Seri will be solve our B2B midfielder issues. Of course the only thing i’m Concerned about is the toenail thingy but he’s also been quoted as saying he wants to play in the PL so I dunno how big a deal that really is.


Sign me up for Cazorla v2.0


but we still have the real cazorla.


Wait this toenail thing is serious? I thought it was a joke!

It’s 2018 ffs. We have flying cars and shit yet we can’t sort out someone’s cold toe?!


Get him!


Haha yeah, apparently he has really bad ingrown toenails. My friend Bernardo Espinosa who played for Boro the season they got relegated had ingrown toenails but he had it operated when we were at school together.


Lol yeah I think we would figure something out if we acquired him.


Ahh sorry, I realised that article says he has ingrown toenails. But another source says he has something called Chillblains.


Seriously good


Seri nice work.


Now this could be a pun or an opinion or it actually could be both :thinking:


I don’t Jake watches enough mid table Ligue 1 to actually know anything about Nice, no offence Jake


Hasn’t he been underwhelming this season? Really need @Burgundy back to help us!


Likely because a move away fell through, Lemar and Fabinho have also had poor season after potential transfers dried up.


Literally none taken at all haha. Happy to admit I see no continental football outside of European competition. I’ve not watched a single domestic continental match all season, not even an EL Clasico.

Some people on here are clearly lovers of football, perhaps more so than they are lovers of Arsenal (which is totally fine), whereas I am absolutely obsessed with Arsenal in a way that I’m not with football generally.

I’ve always found that distinction between types of fans to be quite interesting.


I’m the same mate.

I only give a shit about Arsenal and I pretty much never ever watch a game of football unless it’s Arsenal.

I love the Euros and the World Cup and will watch those, but if the choice is between the CL final or round 2 of the league cup between Arsenal and Shrewsbury I’ll pick the Arsenal game every time.

I enjoy watching Match of the Day and I’ll keep an eye on teams in the Prem and Football league that I like and I enjoy watching various goal highlights on Reddit, but you’ll almost never get me to watch 90 minutes of a team that isn’t Arsenal.


Been class for Swansea tbf


He’s probably been Swansea’s best player this season and more than likely he’ll get a move back to the Prem. But for us? We’re trying to rebuild – Replacing a 35 year old goalkeeper with a 33 year old goalkeeper? Nah you’re alright.


I reckon Fabianski does have less mileage on his body, maybe 200 games in the Premier League at this point? But yeah, if we go for Fabianski it should be in a Lindegaard role.


Early window opening ,hope Wenger doesn’t wait until deadline day to get business done.