Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Think it’s just the PL Will, since ours closes on 9 August


Ah I didn’t know that, but it was tounge in cheek anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seems silly as the season is still being played though!



That’s just a bad translation from French/Spanish I’m guessing, almost always in these articles the word entorno (literally entourage, but it really just means his advisers/agent/perhaps family) is used in Spanish, and I’m guessing it’s similar with entourage in French.



Yes get in! He would be a massive signing.


I recomended him for our DM problems a while back but was shouted down by the resident football hipsters. So is he good or not?? Lel


If the big 6 are all interested, absolutely no chance he ends up at Arsenal bud.


Big 6 - going to be tough… hopefully we get our new manager sorted quickly and it creates a buzz/draw for us.


Yeah, true. I think his buyout clause is low though.


Big six lol fuck off Tottenham you the 6th choice every time you small cunts


Jorginho being successful is very system dependent. I’d only want him if we got a manager who could get the best out of him.


City, United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Leicester and Burmely?


I doubt all the big 6 are after Jorginho, definitely not a Mourinho player




Neither is Alexis or any attacking players really but he still gets them lol


He’s probably getting them so they don’t end up at rivals.


Even defensive managers need attackers lol


Obviously but I think it is the profile of attacking players that Mourinho acquired just for heck of it.

For Mourinho, attacking players like Drogba, Milito, Malouda, Willian makes sense.
Not Mkhitaryan, Salah etc.
Mkhitaryan especially was a failure before they came together


Yes please. I’ve only watched a YouTube video, but from what people say he might be a great young winger to pick up in the cheap.

A winger that takes people on is something we badly need. I hope this guy could be one.