Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


I’d guess they enquired about a cheeky free deal and then realised it wasn’t so free after all.



Yes please


Unfortunately it’s gotten to the point now that I don’t know why he’d pick us to play for.


Best pals and good understanding with Laca, decent upgrade in team and money new manager play alongside ozil Auba etc…got a lot of good points too.



If true, Pool aren’t f*ing about… maybe they are losing Salah to Barca?

Fekir and Dembele and another defensive player and they will be back in for title challenge.


Fekir is great value at 70m. So looks like Salah is off


So, that clears that one up then :laughing:


Yeah, like “Lacazette is staying” :roll_eyes:


Thank fuck we don’t have to deal with that prick this summer. Was torture last year


Against current transfer prices Fekir at £50-£60m is good value given his age, but don’t believe that Liverpool have agreed a deal…rumour earlier in the week was that Lyon would allow him to go, aka Laca, so he is now going to be linked with most of the big clubs…potentially as a result of good work from his agent to drive the price and interest in the player up!


Fekirs injury record combined with Klopp… Recipe for disaster haha


Don’t they have any Coutinho money left? I think it’s more than plausible to keep Salah and sign Fekir (keep in mind what an influx of cash they get from reaching the UCL final).


If Coutinho is a £100mil player so is Fekir especially if he has a good World Cup.

Don’t believe the Liverpool link for a second.




It seems he is really close to join Liverpool.


Mavrapanos is going to be like a new signing. Can’t wait to see how he’s managed by Not Wenger.


Seriously who are going to be our transfer targets this summer ? Who are realistic targets that people want ?