Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Well Moley has been saying that Dembele thing for over a month, and specified the loan part of it as well. Then several tabloids a month later started saying the same thing. Moley has been on the Allegri thing also from the start, called bull shit on Enrique as well. Now the tabloids are following his lead again. I find it hard to believe that the papers just copy an ITK on twitter :thinking::thinking:


It’s not that difficult to make up rumours…look at our coaching search. Papers have been talking about Vieira, Arteta, Enrique, Allegri, Jardim, Tuchel and today Foncesca (by Balague). Arsenal is not, or hasn’t talked too, interested in all those names I reckon.


Only saw him when he was at Milan youth team, looked a lot uglier back then with a paedo moustache and awful hair.

Heard he was a decent cm then though.


They’d probably want Bellerin as part of the deal.


Give them Bellerin he’d be easily upgradable. AMN is probably already better than him. Buy Sessegnon from Fulham for the left AMN on the right. Fullback situation sorted for the next 10 years.


AMN just had one of his best games as CM, and you want to turn him into a RB?


He was very very good at LWB for us this season and he’s played RB for us several times before. I don’t see anything wrong with a guy who’s a human swiss army knife. Play him on the left, on the right, in the middle, seems like he can do it all.


I know he has played there. I just don’t see him as Bellerin’s successor.

If you want Bellerin gone, then you need to make another suggestion.

I’m all for Sessegnon though. But he’s been playing further forward this season. As a left winger/inside forward.


Didn’t Moley say Wenger was defo out around Jan-Feb time?

Seems to be a decent ITK or just guessing and getting really lucky.


Never gonna take him seriously when he calls him self “moley” get in the sea


Feb 1st is when I posted this, but Moley started syaing Wenger was done in December.


Fucking Hasbro killing the game with this kind of spending.


Sven wants a new keeper and a whole new back 4. Scenes!! HE’S DOING A MADNESS AGAIN!!



Stretching that 50m to the absolute limit eh…:gunnersaurus:


Yup we are gonna go for these players offering the max amount of £8.5m and see who bite our hands off for that huge sum first.


Is this the man who found Roman Buerki? :grimacing:


Found our new keeper lads


“Got away”

Get in ya legend! Up yours Leo.


A lot of smoke on potential targets however, unless we’re operating differently in this post Wenger era, the ultimate decision would come from whomever is next appointed. I assume Svenehli and the scouting network at Arsenal would be briefed via the manager on what players he’s looking for to play to his ideals.

So any transfer rumours from now until we appoint someone is all poppycock right?


Yes and no. Even without a new manager there are clear targets for the summer; goalkeeper, centre back, left back, winger and midfielder.