Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


If it’s not moley saying it it’s bull shit, no worries.


Well well well, Moley is redeemed :grin::joy::grin::joy::grin::joy:


I can’t wait for Sven to tell them to get fucked.


That article quotes Don Balon :joy:


Can’t see them selling Dembele after just one year.


Svengali was supposed to get us £1m Dembeles, not £100m Dembeles.

That’s just cheating bro.


Really? Surely it would be worth at least considering lol


First it’s the daily tits so lol secondly Bellerin isn’t going anywhere


I did more so mean it as a general thing but I’m not sure it is. Selling Bellerin just gives us another problem to solve and I don’t think dembele solves a problem for us and even if he did he’d fuck off at the end of the season.


I think AMN would fill in nicely for Bellerin


Not a chance. He’s not even close to being good enough to be a full back for Arsenal.


I thought he was our best option at LWB, don’t think he’d do any worse than Bellerin. He’s already a lot better going forward.


He’s really not that good a player and I’m sure he’ll end up in the Championship or a lower level PL club in due time.


@Arsenal4thetreble @Craigie

Big Moley coming up with the goods again loooool


Don’t like loans.

Feels like he won’t really be ours. If he does well it will only last one season. Only a permanent signing please, and I don’t think we should get Debmele.


Yeah same. I feel like big clubs should do the loaning. I know we’re not on Barcelona’s scale, but we’re big enough not to be used to bed in a player of that calibre.


In this case a loan can’t do much harm. A new coach and Mislintat will have to assess this squad and what we need and how to adress it. You don’t do that in one summer. But in the meanwhile a quality talent like Dembele can help us to qualify for the Champions League.


So where is this paper from? Spain obviously, but are they reliable?




Anyone follow much of this guy?

I’ve watched him a few times this season and he’s looked a bit of a classy player. He’s scored quite a few goals – a good feat for a CM. He was quality against Everton – mind you, that’s not all that difficult.