Summer 2018 Transfers Thread


Don’t get arsey.

If money is his only motivation there are a host of other clubs that he’d rather go to.


More money and a chance to play in the PL.
Also we already have German players here like Mertesacker, Mustafi, Ozil and Aubameyang, as well as the new backroom staff of Sven and Lehman.

If we get a top manager in, this is the sort of signing we should be making, to show some intent to players and supporters.


He might rather go but would they be interested in him?

Let’s keep it real, let us know of this horde of financial powers that will offer him more money and more competitive football than us who are desperately needing a 30 year old central defender on 150k a week.


Why wouldn’t they?

He’s a world class CB and genuine top teams want to win now, we’re at best a work in progress.

I don’t see his age being a deterrent, I doubt he leaves Bayern anyway.


Because they already have his peers. Real and Barca don’t need him, City don’t need him, Juventus don’t need him and can’t outbid us, PSG don’t need him, Liverpool just bought VVD and won’t be signing another defender of that calibre. Only real competition who actually needs a player like him are United and Chelsea.


A lot of clubs seemingly don’t need players until they’re actually available and besides United and Chelsea are more than enough competition anyway.

CL football is far from assured too which is other huge factor, you many be underestimating the interest someone like him would generate.


where does it say that, I can’t find it anywhere?


Bet Barca pick him up



Are Koln getting relegated?


8 points behind the playout spot, with just 3 games to go.


Looks like Horn is ours then.


Nope. Him and Hector have come out said they’re staying with Koln in the 2nd division.


He said he’s staying


Although i wouldn’t mind Horn, I like it when players stick with their team through the dark times. If they keep enough of their players they should come straight back up again.


Bahh. Although I’ll never count Sven out, he could still make it happen.


Boateng has been out injured for more games than he’s played. So no thank you.


:upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Sven has lost his madness.


Sven :bellerin:


I like Sokratis, BVB’s best CB, although that’s not saying much. :giroud3: