Summer 2018 Transfers Thread



PSG aren’t selling Rabiot, he’s a starter for them now.

Sell Alexis even if we can’t find a replacement today. Write the season off completely and go for a full rebuild next season ffs.


Nobody wants us anymore. I remember a time Sanchez chose us over Liverpool not too long ago.


If we sell Alexis and don’t get Lemar or anyone else…I’m buying a lottery ticket.


We aren’t selling Alexis now 100%.

Some of this is on City too you know, first time they have come in with a serious bid all summer and it’s deadline day lol GTFOH


I’m a bit peeved that they didn’t come in for him in July. We need the cash to reinvest and they need Sanchez this season tbh.


They don’t need Sanchez that much tbh, they bought players in the positions they needed most early in the transfer window.


David Seaman off his head

“I heard the speculation about a swap deal for Sterling, but I would have rather taken a swap deal for Yaya Toure.”


Yaya Toure hasn’t been good since about 2014


If Lamar prefers Liverpool, then it’s sad days indeed.


That’s a good point.
We write off most seasons after a few games and a rubbish window anyway, so we might as well do the same in this one.
We are known as a club who are perpetually rebuilding.


Exactly. He got the position right though, we need a CM.

Rabiot is too good to be true, if we land him I’ll be ecstatic lol


i swear Lemar wanted Arse a couple of months ago but because of a few bad games he wants liverpool now, shows how fickle players are, if he genuinely wanted arsenal it wouldnt have mattered about the start to our season it would still be in their mind to go to arsenal. Liverpool wasnt even in his vocab a couple of weeks ago…if true just goes to show that players dont care where they truly go.



Since I last came on we’ve had 126 replies thought this is either very bad or very good…

92M for Lemar?!?! :joy: Incredible did not expect to come into this!

Overpaid to fuck but what a signing :sunglasses:


oh were not getting him anymore


Chasing guys who don’t want to come here meanwhile Seri be like



We not?!

I didn’t read that far… ffs :joy:


because “apparently” we don’t have enough time to secure the deal so it looks as if we’re keeping Sanchez instead, we would have sold him to City if we secured Lemar


It’s been one of them days so far :joy: