Summer 2016 Transfers Thread


Chelsea are so dumb for resigning Luiz, he’s an awful defender. Well he was when he left Chelsea anyway, I haven’t seen him at PSG


Well he’s basically moving on a free, so it makes sense from a squad perspective.


Ha I hope he means the country…


It’s a bit late in the evening to be having a stadium tour



Balotelli has actually fallen so far


£60M for Bolasie and Sissoko? Pure madness really



What else are you going to do with the money? Lower ticket prices? Improve the fan experience? lol.


The signings strike me as lazy scouting tbh. You can still find good value for money quality anywhere if you look hard enough. £60M for a club like Everton could have been invested much better imo


Slimani has signed for Leicester


What a step back for his career! But he has only himself to blame.


wow how many clubs is it now that Balotelli has been to? Its such a shame a pure waste of an amazing talent if he could just sort out his attitude he could be world class it is such a shame he has everything to be an excellent player just wont stop being stupid long enough to get it done.


Paul Merson on SSN just now…LMFAO.

Jim White: “I like the phrase David Luiz used… ‘I have unfinished business here in England’”

Merse: “Yeah, A few more mistakes to make”. “I just don’t get this move.”




Mahrez Vardy Silmani


LCFC have actually improved their team, Great news for them and the league!


Isn’t the window closed yet?


It is for me. Goodnight.


Surprised no one’s asked for a MDC this year :ramsey:


Would have fucking loved Sturridge but Liverpool wouldn’t even have contemplated selling him to us.