Summer 2016 Transfers Thread


Would be a very good transfer for him tbh,


Barcelona signed Paco for 30+2 million euros. Bayern, Barcelona, Real. Unreal cunts. Signing potential starters for top 6 clubs in the top 3 Leagues for their bench.


Chelsea want Luiz back :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


What the fuck? Chelsea did well to shift him for 50million, why would Conte want him back??


They should have just paid Gladback some money to break the loan deal of Christensen.


What are they smoking at the chav toilet bowl? He is dreadful as a defender…sure he can score some screamers but that aint his job!


Conte cannot be serious Luiz is a terrible CB.

That’s not desperate that’s pure foolishness.


This is in line with my conspiracy theory that PSG & Chelsea worked together to deal with FFP.

50m for Luiz was completely needless back then and 30m now is completely needless but this helps them balance their books well, with PSG effectively paying 20m for his services.


It fits, but I don’t see what PSG would get out of that deal. Unless they have first dibs on Hazard or something.


PSG will come for Koscielny. It’s so obvious.


He’s not gonna want to join a dead league. @Bl1nk


That was a dodgy transfer.
It made him by far the most expensive defender, and he was no better than good.
It wasn’t as if Chelsea needed the money, or there was a bidding war for him.
He was worth about 20m then, so there was something a bit strange about that move.


Chelsea to sign Marcos Alonso, a right back, for 23 million pounds. Telegraph/Matt Law also believes they are going to loan a centre back and the interest in David Luiz is not real.


The saddest thing on the Internet is without doubt the replies to that bullshit Twitter account AFCArsenalHorse. Desperate melts.


Don’t think this guy is making it here. Should just sell him if League 1 is the best he can get


WTF!? He’s the type of player Conte hates. It’s just a nonsense.


Lol wut? Dood he’s 19 years old, hope you’re being sarcastic.


The window is almost over its been traumatic !


Zelalem should have just gone back to Rangers on loan for another season, try his hand in the SPL rather then the Scottish Championship


Adebayor playing in the Championship soon :coq: