Summer 2016 Transfers Thread



Three very good signings!


Yeah, he’s gonna earn a lot of money in Greece :bellerin:


Good money to be had in Greek football. Does come with a bit of old fashioned racism though :wink:


Joleon Random Lescott


He’s what, 35 or so and out to pasture, so to speak. Meself, I’d take sunny afternoons in Athens rather than foggy or wet Wednesday nights in splendid locales like Barnsley and such. Who wouldn’t?


Not Summer 2016 this one more 2014…



glad we rejected Rio, he was terrible at QPR


Ferdinand to Arsenal? Now that would have been a random move


How does this scale in the random factor @Cristo?


This is t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m levels of random. [reference]

I just don’t understand.


From Valerio Bacigalupo to Joe Hart. The Great Turin is back :heart_eyes:



Joe Hart will fly to Italy tomorrow ahead of proposed loan move to Serie A club Torino, according to Sky sources.

Yup it’s happening lol


That’s quite some fall from grace.


haha where abouts to Torino normally finish in the league?


12th last season


Strange that no other bigger (for want of a better phrase) club is interested.

I think he shoukd go to Dundalk, they have Europa League at least.


Expect an increase in Head & Shoulders sales in Italy :ramsey:


If we wanted to drop down so far he should have just joined Charlton on loan


I would think he is one of the highest paid GK’s in Europe, so unless a club is desperate, they just can’t afford him.