Stoke City thread (relegated)


But…but…Stoke are a traditional club, an embodiment of an individual style of football they made their own for a decade! They should be cherished like a museum piece, surely?


They invented the throw-in specialist. Wenger and Pulis, the PLs greatest innovators. Can’t wait for the Netflix special.



No trip to the Brittania next season is a positive, fuck off cunts. What’s the bet we get paired with them away in one of the domestic cups ? Lol


Pissed myself. :joy:


Guys actually a Watford fan who hates Stoke


Nice stat


That was glorious. Just the perfect send off to those clowns


Steve Bould to Stoke? There are some reports about it.


Yeah, wouldn’t surprise me.

He’s from Stoke. And he played for them for several years.


If you’ve played for a club for any period of time you can be the manager. That’s how it works.


We bought Bould and Dixon from Stoke.
I saw both their debut games for us at Highbury and I think Bould was about 300k and Dixon 500k.
This was the sort of big name signings Graham used to bring in.
None of that fancy, flair player stuff for the supporters back then, just good honest defensive players from Stoke :grinning:


Agent Paul thanks for all your efforts. Your work here is done. Misson relegate Stoke was a sucess :sunglasses: