Stoke City thread (relegated)


Delighted that Shawcross made the assist to the goal. Bye bye Stoke, you will not be missed and please do a Blackburn or Sunderland.


Bye and never come back :wave:


Won’t be missed.


100% this.

The fucking state of these hideous cunts for booing a player who got his leg broken at their ground, and the caveman / hillbilly / tribal way in which they defended Shawcross throughout the process.

How they held on to that hatred (and why the fuck would they be the ones who were angry / bitter???) was as baffling as it was repugnant.

And actually one more thing - the fucking Rory Delap / Ryan Shotton days of fucking slinging the ball from the halfway line into the penalty box. Now I don’t care about what anybody fucking says, that shit was never envisaged when the concept of “football” was first created. Anti-football cunts.

And also whilst I’m at it, they can rot in the fucking pits of hell for employing the uber cunt that is Charlie Adam.


How apt that it was a shawcross mistake that done them in.

If carlsberg did Stoke relegations…


Sacking Hughes was understandable. Hiring Lambert wasnt. Reap what you sow.




:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


henry is an absolute savage




Well fuck did not expect that :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Best fan denial ever he absolutely destroyed them :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Love fan denial, some absolute belters in the past.

I’m curious to know which FB page that Paddy Power find these comments on - is it just their official page or…?


I think Twitter just peaked, that’s great :joy:


What’s to like about Stoke City?
Neanderthal supporters
Neanderthal tactics
Good riddance.


their stripey tops? :santi: …nah, you are right no redeeming features.




nah far better out there, he can fuck off with them he is contaminated by them now.


I’d have him, he’s great.




Oh fuck off! Marry him :xhaka: