Stoke City thread (relegated)


How in the fuck are they?


Twitter is fun today


Stoke a loss to the league :smile: good one


Stoke developed a distinctive identity and brand. They were an asset to the league in terms of marketing, tactical plurality and entertainment.

“But can [Incert Team / Player / Manager ] do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke?” That’s an international known phrase and concept. It’s a challenge unique to the club and the identity they built through memorable moments.

Pulis and his Stoke teams will always be remembered as a classic feature of the PL. They are the quintessential ‘English’ football club, a modern version of the old school football teams from the 80’s and 90’s.


So what lol.


And then they joined the 21st century by trying to play and got relegated. :giroud:


I wouldn’t expect supporters of the top PL clubs to understand other clubs outside of their top 6 bubble tbh.


Why do you care? Stoke are cunts. No one likes them or is sad to see them go


Ohhh can I do the holier-than-thou thing?

I wouldn’t expect you to get the Stoke thing, I doubt you’ve been to an away game or three there tbh


…are long gone. He hasn’t been Stoke manager for five years. Even if that team was of any value to Premier League, the pile of shit they are now is not.


true tbh.

But their fans sang about breaking one of our player’s legs so fuck them


That bubble thing is a bit patronising really. I support a top 6 club and I also watch A LOT of the EFL, and know a lot about, and understand plenty about, many of the teams in it. If anything, i’ll probably end up watching more of Stoke next season than I did this!

I’m not really sure why having your name used in a joke makes you an asset to the PL? Being in the top 20 teams in the country is what makes a team deserving of PL status. And at this moment in time, Stoke are mid Championship table level.

And anyway, that joke can still be, and will continue to be, made about them you know – being relegated doesn’t make them extinct (unfortunately) Just like “Accrington Stanley… who are they?” is repeated frequently… though obviously the EFL did give them a 30 point head start this season to ensure they got promotion, can’t be having a team with a known identity playing in lowly league two now can we :wink:


@Calum - because I hate the fact the league is dominated my a handful of teams that have the resources to make that domination a constant. I like when the 16 other teams have an easily recognisable identify.

Stoke evoke feelings of dislike because of their style, their fans and because of the results they’ve stolen off big clubs. It’s good you have an issue with that because it makes the league as a whole more enjoyable to watch and follow.

@Robin_L - It’s not really surprising that supporters of top clubs regard other teams outside the top 6 as generic fodder, Stoke consistently challenged that status quo with their “negative” style of football and rugged attitude and were hated for it.

They added to the excitement of this league because of who they are. If you can see this you’re blinded by support of a top PL side, most likely because Stoke took points off you.

You shouldn’t make assumptions about people you don’t know over the internet. Whether I’ve been to Stoke away or not it has no bearing on the original point made


How can be sad for a team whose supporters celebrated Ramsey’s broken leg? Get lost in the Championship cunts!



You cunts.


I think this is outdated. That’s just not what they do anymore.

I totally get your point about it being sad when certain clubs get relegated, I just don’t think this current Stoke team are the best example. The team getting relegated today are not the same team they were a few years ago. Not that Arsenal fans wouldn’t have celebrated too then, mind, lol.

But if I put personal feelings aside and forget that their fans are barely human, I can admit that Stoke were some kind of footballing “asset” to the league. However, they’ve completely lost their aggressive identity. Being relegated will be good for them – it’s the best second division in the world, and it’s generally a physical league. They can readdress their imbalance and rediscover their USP.

But if you love them so much, you’re welcome to come watch them in the Championship with me :grinning:


We hate Stoke because they broke our Aaron’s leg then proceeded to boo him upon every visit. Don’t give a shit about their roots tbh.


Yep that’s pretty much all I have against them these days, so they can rot.


This has been coming for years, hope these cunts don’t get back up


The best meme on twitter :rofl::joy: