Stoke City thread (relegated)



Good riddance!


BREAKING: Relegation threatened club hires Mark Hughes


Might as well make this the official Stoke thread seeing as we don’t have one (I think)


we now have a fucking shitty stoke thread :gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel:


Shit. They might stay up now. Probably time for them and Allardyce to consummate their union of cunts.


Ryan Giggs is favourite. I assume he’ll rule himself out of the job though, on the basis that he thinks anything below Man United is beneath him.


as was his brothers wife…the ugly twat.


Stokes the only club i would quite happy to see relegated this season.





Stoke going down


He well and truly mugged them off by agreeing and then turning them down.

I love it.


I think I’d rather live in Barcelona than Stoke too to be honest.


Great choice Quique! Send the fuckers down.


Stoke are so fucked :joy::joy:


One of those guys who send their CV in to clubs for a laugh must be next in line.

“Won the Champions League with Yeovil on Football Manager”

You’re hired!




Wow :neutral_face:


Is he poor?


Thats worse than Hughes imo. In fact im sure hed have kept them up. Lambert just drove Villa into the championship. Bad move.