Steven N'Zonzi



If we had sold Elneny it would be the right move.

All these names we’re supposedly interested in are hilarious, this isn’t footy manager.


Its called silly season for a reason.



So we definitely offered €15m :thinking:


For Emery’s trivote (/occasional cuartote :joy:) Arsenal definitely need another CM, and N’Zonzi would instantly become your best 6. Needed signing, unfortunately.

Would say mi Atléti should sign him but we’re already served at the 6 and the 8 with Rodrigo, Thomas, Saúl, and Koke :heart_eyes:


He always looked like a bit of a plumber at Stoke. What’s so great about him now all of a sudden? Bottom line is we don’t NEED him.


Stoke was quite a while ago, I wouldn’t really say its “all of a sudden” as such.

But I don’t watch much non PL football so I can’t really answer your questions, but I always thought he had something about him at Stoke and that he had room to be better than he was there, which from everything I’ve read since seems to be the case.


We are shut for business now. Any other rumours are just made up rumours


Is a plumber higher or lower than a farmer on the football ability scale?


@discobot fortune Is a plumber higher or lower than a farmer on the football ability scale?


:crystal_ball: It is certain


It wasn’t a yes or no question you thick robot cunt


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@discobot fortune Are you moody because I moved Toreira and he hasn’t been announced yet?


:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good


Fine. Keep being vague. Tin pot.


Now that we’ve had a year or so to enjoy discobot I think it’s fair to say that I can’t believe they used valuable resources creating this feature.


And worst if all it drove @Mysty away. :disappointed_relieved:


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