Stephan Lichtsteiner (12)


Every PL winning team has players like him.
Except the Invincibles winning team of course.

I agree we need a solid base, and if we bought a top CB, as well as Torreira, and maybe an exciting winger, we would have that.
We would certainly have a decent forward line, and maybe with Emery’s attention to detail, adaptability and defensive organisation, which Wenger didn’t have, we might see us genuinely challenge for a top four place.

I’m not suggesting we can do what the top PL clubs do, but if we don’t do anything, we will fall further behind.
It’s easier to attract world class players if you already have some at the club.
It’s also easier to keep the ones you have if you buy that level of player.


Those signings will take up all the effort in this window itself. We don’t have oil money to throw & get things done quickly.


Possibly, but If we bought just Torreira and a CB, who could walk into the first team, with a bit of organisation by Emery, we could be a top four club again.


Yeah, there are a lot of areas to address, but we have a good enough foundation right now to add a few key pieces and make a huge difference. We can’t address them all nor should we. Opportunistic, cheap, and short-term experience for depth is very wise for us atm.

Invest hard in wing, CB after Torreira - next year go hard on GK, and some young attacking depth, LB.

Add one or two top players per, sprinkle in some youth, sprinkle in the tactical depth buy - that is our model given financial constraints. I’d personally rather buy 2 superstars and a Lichtenstein every year than 3 very good players.



Good. No more soft cunts.


but soft cunts are the best :henry2:

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You are on topform these days another one from you :ozil2:


This is what I see him being. People want that guy to yell at other players? He’s your man. Veins popping out of his face and neck all the time.


I liked the way he was giving his replacement stern instructions when he was subbed off.


Hopefully he does the same with the referees, something all the other players do.




Hahaha legend :mustafi:


Sneaky bastard. Can’t wait to see him kick Alli and Klaim off the park.


Pmsl :joy:


He really is always raging, I hope he uppercuts Dean/Atkinson/Riley, would be well worth the ban.


For what its worth - he hasn’t looked to me like what you’d expect of a 34 year old washed up full back in either of these games.

I’m hoping he gives Hector a run. I think it’s safe to say if age wasn’t a factor there’s no doubt he’d be an instant starter.


Holy shit I was complaining about him but it took him like one match to change my mind. He’s gonna stick that Gucci boy on the bench, glad we’ve got a no nonsense leader type in the squad.


I don’t think Hector is ready, he has had it easy for a long time.


Ha ha… Forrest got angry.