Stephan Lichtsteiner (12)


At his age in a new league I can’t see him dealing with quick tricky wingers. Can you imagine someone like Hazard or Sane v this guy? Bellerin is still our main RB. Lichtsteiner should play EL and cup games


Bollocks. Someone doesn’t come from Juventus to be Bellerin’s back up :rofl:


Luca I know you hate Bellerin for some weird reason but he is the #1 RB stil. This is a depth signing


Maybe atm. He will become our first choice by october though.


He is quite good in dealing with quick tricky wingers actually, certainly better than Bellerin is.


I dont see him as backup either. Whoever impresses the most gets the spot. Still think Lichsteiner has 2 decent years left in him.


At least Gucci boy will have to put in an effort from now.


I wouldn’t say Hector is undisputed starter tbh

Lich himself probs sees himself as more than a back up


I mean, he kept Ronaldo quiet :joy:


C’mon, she doesn’t watch many games outside the Premier League. She has already admitted it :wink:


Ronaldo isn’t a player like Hazard or Sane. These days he’s easier to stop on the wing. Plus he scored 3 goals over the 2 legs. He’s more of a striker now


Which of the 3 defeats to city did Bellerin deal with Sane in by the way.


I mentioned Hazard and Bellerin has kept him quiet quite a few times. Who is a much better player than Sane. Sane is just another example of a quick, tricky winger and we were in our worst ever form while City was in their best ever form playing them last season, them defeats aren’t pinned on Bellerin it was the whole team and Wenger making that team look bad as he became so out of depth. Emery will improve Bellerin for sure


Well if were being honest Bellendring did not have a great one last season compared to previous form, and though he is coming to the end of his career - we are getting an experienced pacey no nonsense right back.

Add to that (and without banging on too much to upset previous posters…) He has been there at the highest level done that and got multiple t-shirts.

I think he’s just the sort who will challenge and improve ‘Ectore’ mucho as i have no doubt being second fiddle is not the song he will want to sing to. And I’ve got faith that Speedy Gonzalez will indeed up his game.

With it being a freebie and a short term one seems to be a chicken dinner all round so pretty happy… :):poldi:


He now has :100: caps for Switzerland.

Won 2:0 against Japan in this stadium in Lugano:


A lot of people here expecting marquee signings only and despite having a paper-thin squad for the last 15 years still don’t understand the concept of having good quality cover in every position. The alternative of course was to have Jenkinson or Chambers as a back-up or spend a wedge of our transfer fund on a left back instead of a centre half or defensive midfielder.


Exactly. Our problem has been the depth in the last years.


I think the squad has been, ok but the lack of elite players has cost us.
Ozil and Sanchez have proved that when you have world class players, they make a big difference.

No club has ever won the PL without world class players, including us.
But some clubs have won it without having top quality cover in every position, including us.


You do know that Wes Morgan is a PL winning captain lol


You are planning to win PL immediately but let’s be realistic this squad will erode whatever good work a world class player would do.

We first need to form a solid base before running after world class players.