Stephan Lichtsteiner (12)


Man everyone is getting ecstatic about a 34 year old right back. If Wenger signed him we would be in absolute despair. But now he’s gone it seems everything is refreshing.

Juventus signs Milan’s full of potential right back to replace him. We have him to replace Bellerin…


On what bases do you think Emery can make a contender out of this team? Because with our current standing in the League and the fact that Emery is not a top manager there are simply for indications for the opposite. We don’t know because it didn’t happen yet is soooooo a cheap and easy argument.


Who gives a fuck about Wenger? He’s gone get over it


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Lichsteiner is a great signing and we gonna win the prem next season end off.


We needed a backup RB. We got one for free.


The fact is that he was a winner with Juventus, something we don’t have atm.


How can people be against this transfer? If it was the end of the transfer window and this was the only signing we’d made and we’d made it with a view of him being first choice – then sure, go full on crazy bitch! But that’s simply not the case.

He’s a solid back up, plus can hopefully add something to the dressing room in terms of mentality.

The only negative I can see here is that we’ve given him God’s number. They really should have asked my permission before doing such a thing.


Yea. Those 20+ posts since yesterday. The excitement truly is palpable.


We needed another RB in the squad so not going to whinge about this signing. We are still short at least 1 top quality CM, CB, GK and Winger though :joy:.


Why do people like yourself and @InvincibleDB10 keep calling for top quality. We are not going to sign top quality. Maybe players who can become top quality. Don’t fool yourself.


A solid back up makes sense if the starter is Carvajal, not Bellerin.


Lichtsteiner is a decent one year stop gap. I’ll reserve judgement on him until I can see his performances.

On the face of it, he seems like a decent buy. It’s good that the senior management has recognised a hole in the squad and his plugged it quickly. That was a big issue under the previous manager iirc

Modern football fans are too reactionary and too preoccupied with the short term view tbh.


A very good move, exactly what bellerin needs(a backup and experienced competition).


The hipster RB will not be first choice for much longer, even at 44 S.Steiner would be the better choice.


We have finally signed a replacement for Lauren.


Yeah I’m not expecting any of those 4 top quality signings that I suggested, that’s why I’m expecting us to be a lock for a 6th placed finish again in 18/19.


Winner. Tons of experience. Much needed.


Plot twist: Bellerin will be the back up RB


Wenger needs to go and I’m over it. Just surprised by the reactions and I can imagine it would be a lot different if he was the one who signed him.

@shamrockgooner I judge it by the other posters’ quality of response rather than the quantity. Majority seems rather pleased.

@Luca_from_Italy You are right but I don’t think he alone would help this spineless team win the league. If he was 25-28 years old I think it might make this look transfer look better.