Stephan Lichtsteiner (12)


The can cross part is key. The last fullback we had who could cross would have been Jenko. He couldnt do much else tho.


Welcome Lichy!


Proud to have him here. Härzlich willkomme, Lichti! :switzerland::switzerland:

He’s a leader and has a winning mentality. Let’s hope he can keep up with the pace of the league. This should also give a certain Spaniard a kick up the arse.:bellerin:


Very happy with this and if he can carry any semblance of good form with him we’ve got ourselves the best backup RB in the league if you ask me.


Herzlich Willkommen, Stephan. Hopefully this turns out half decent. :slight_smile:


I don’t think Bellerin is going to be very happy being called “the best backup RB in the league.” :grinning:


Awesome backup/potential starter to pick up on a free transfer! Bellerin played a heck of a lot of football last season with an apparent injury too. Now we have solid cover for him in the form of this Swiss stallion.


i swear they got the design for that ball from this


They couldn’t even iron his sleeves? Straight from the packet is how we roll now is it? This club is in fucking disarray since Big Vic Akers left.

OA Awards Nominations thread 2018

1 year, club option for a 2nd.


Experienced and a bit cuntish, something we needed. Welcome to the Arsenal!


Incredible post. Post of the year material this


Who thought that those pink hoops round the sleeves was a good idea?


puma just couldnt be bothered with this years kit it almost seems like a ‘cant be bothered we are leaving soon anyway’ type of effort.


Ugly kit, shit uninspiring signings, Wenger the best part about the club gone. I dunno man, I just don’t know anymore.




Kits were ugly and signings were uninspiring when Wenger was here too. But one man gone changes your whole outlook on the club?




I can’t blame you tbh. Under Emery we will see the confirmation of our new place in the food chain of English football. Although we have occupied that place for the last 6 years already. Sometimes I kid myself that Arsenal will be a contender sooner rather than later. But than…SIKE that’s not going to happen anytime soon if ever again.


oh do stop being moaning ninnies ffs the season hasn’t even started yet we know fuck all of how the team will set up or play and we are already acting like we will be midtable. New signings etc are only a small part of the puzzle if Emery gets them playing with determination and aggression that could easily be worth another 10 points a season alone. Look where we could have been with just this crop of players last season without any new additions if they just weren’t so pathetic away from home and just won 3 of those matches, huge difference in points and drew a few instead of lost in such a terrible fashion. Its fucking ridiculous that nothing has been done yet and we haven’t seen what the new manager will bring and there are people already throwing in the towel before a ball has been kicked to me that is just poor.