Stephan Lichtsteiner (12)


One year deal is smart


So 1-year deal for him. Good deal.


1 year with an option for a 2nd is what I’ve seen reported. No specification if it’s a club or player option. I responded to people freaking out on twitter saying a deal like this would be ideal. Happy with it. Now Arsenal need to announce.



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Waiting for Orny @Luca_from_Italy


Yeah, he is the man who makes the threads move :unai:



Always take a while with us FFS! :facepalm:


Switzerland will be out before 3 July so we’ll be fine.


Completed (first Emery signing!) :heavy_check_mark:

Since this thread is fairly small and doesn’t have too much bullshit we’re moving it instead of closing and creating a new one.


He’s going to be number 12. That’s some big boots he’s stepping into.

I’m surprised we haven’t retired that number to be honest :giroud:


He has a tint of Hleb in him.



Yayyyyy my transfer thread moved!!! Very happy with this, I trust Emery isn’t gonna Wengify him and turn him into Debuchy mark II.

He will be a useful backup to Bellerin.


He fits into the Rosicky and Kallstrom category of being players I regularly signed on FM, and always pondered what it would be like if we actually signed them for real.

What’s the length of the deal?


Welcome to Arsenal Forrest…


he is 34 but he can still run for days. :kos2:


He was still better than De Sciglio even at his age imo.



And to add to that he can cross, tackle and wont be afraid to scream at someone if they are out of position. Plus like some of the others mooted as current targets he is a player who does not pull out of tackles and has a bit of a reputation as a cunt. We could do with some of that here - Sokratis, Nzonzi, Doucoure, have all got that about them so it seems we are on the lookout for a bit of steel, and rightly so.

3.53 is my favourite but there are some meaty tackles throughout…