Stephan Lichtsteiner (12)


He was actually excluded from the Juve CL squad last season and was basically consigned to the bench but injuries and whatnot meant he ended up getting back in. But Juventus fans have wanted him replaced for a few seasons now.

I was happy with this signing as I felt it was adequate as backup RB but he clearly isn’t.


You know her TOO well :henry2:


He’s a fucking shit show. I actually hate him. His comedic fuck ups have caused me so much pain.


Arsenal, where defenders turn to bums.


Someone called Koscielny hurt us a lot lot more…


It’s no surprise he is struggling during the winter period. At his age, there is no way he would find it any easy in the Premier league. I know Arsenal intended for experiene and aggression in the side, but signing a pensioner who is on the decline as Plan B rather than Plan C was really not going to work for a long period.

Should have signed Sagna on a free.


Why does winter period matter, it’s not like he’s been first choice all season and is now suuuuper tired?

He’s just over the hill and quite shit.


Bundesliga winterbreak.


You’ve lost me?


He hasn’t played a game of Bundesliga his whole career.


Im in the camp that thought this was a shrewd signing. Hands up been made to look a clown on this one.
Dont want him any more games anytime soon. Im worried he will get selected away at Blackpool and cost us.
Hope we dont now do that usual fan thing now and start turning Bellerin into Cafu in our heads. We always seem to convince ourselves that our injured players are the answer to latest setbacks.
The truth is we havent got a half decent fullback on our books.


Yeah I fucked up on this one, I didn’t rate him overly but thought he could be decent cover / competition at RB.

Now I’m at the stage I’d probably even prefer to see Carl fucking Jenkinson play over him.


Actually think Jenkinson is a no brainer now.


Jenkinson at Anfield didn’t seem so bad now does it haha. Save us Corporal at least you can run


It didnt before tbh. Writing was on the wall at Brighton.


Was more aimed at our Australian friend :wink:


He’s at a age now, that he can’t hold up to the PL pace. The guy was once a top player for his position but those days are long gone. I think he be gone by the summer, we got him for the free so no big deal. I think play him in the FA Cup games, but he shouldn’t be seen any PL or EL action again.


Would be okay if he didn’t play any more games this season. Not sure if he plans on doing coaching badges, but it couldn’t hurt to integrate a guy who played the RB position at a high level for a very long time into our staff.


Now i have understood why Juventus got rid of him last june. He is fucking finished!


I wonder if Juve fans treat him as some kind of an agent, trying to get Ramsey to sign for them while offloading Benatia out.