Stephan Lichtsteiner (12)


In hindsight, buying a 34 year old fullback probably wasn’t a good idea :unai:


Not quick enough for the Premier League. For all it may sound like a facile argument, I still think it’s true. But it’s not always the pace issue that annoys me, he gives up a lot of errors for such a seasoned pro like with this latest Brighton goal.


Remember the times in the summer where the Bellerin haters thought this guy was coming into take his place :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


Can’t lie I thought he’d give him some much needed competition but a las no he’s not competition in the least.

Bellerin is feeling gucci right now.


Lichtsteiner is fucking Primark to make Bellerin look like Gucci


I swear he must’ve had an edible an hour or so before kickoff, cause out on that pitch his brain was just not working fast enough. He’s declining real quickly.


Emery is using him horribly. He’s a veteran who needs to be played with either reduced offensive duties or to be partnered with someone on the right who tracks back and defends well.

He was never good enough to be our starting right back but he’s basically being asked to do what Bellerin does and that’s just not possible at his age.


He’s good at shouting at players but that’s about it. He’s actually well past it and horrendous to watch.


He needs reduced offensive duties and reduced defensive duties.

The issue is he’s worse then average at everything he does now and was a cheap signing to plug a hole which is backfiring.


So basically needs benching indefinitely lol.


Might as well give Jenkinson a shot at this now tbh.


He good at shouting at people hacking down people and just acting in general like a big shithouse but Jenkinson should play some of these games as he can at least run


How good was his clearance for the equaliser, smack bang into Mustafi from close range.


Bench him for Jenkinson


Time to retire


Was going to be tragic against this team and well… it has been tragic.


He belongs in the A League.


He was free, yet I still feel like we were robbed :see_no_evil:


At least take a screenshot of the tweet and post it here, ya cheeky little tea leaf


It’s taken me a while to realise it, but he is basically a Squillaci level, over the hill, unsuited to the Premier League defender. Whatever he had in Serie A, it isn’t there now. Awful and irritating as well, another arm waver in the Mustafi bracket that blames a colleague every time he individually messes up. Get lost.