Stephan Lichtsteiner (12)


His rep as a moaner certainly holds. He is on everybody’s ass all the time. He does look scary when he is angry. Elneny got scared shitless when he fucked up. :joy:


he reminds me of lee evans facially so when he gets angry i cannot take him seriously lol


If he was in his 20s I would demand that he plays. He is unreal. Making runs in the last 10 mins, having great awareness in our box(he’s pretty solid in the air).



Are you taking over @Calum ‘s job? :smile:


I could never take over Opta @Calum 's job :wenger: Sometimes you got to get in there quickly with these stats!


I’m not following this game. As far as I’m concerned we aren’t even playing haha. I’m playing FIFA


oh look another fairweather :henry2:


Basically the exact same post with the exact same three people liking it, easy likes haha.

I thought I had a good night with my mate in the pub chatting shit and drinking beer, but now I realise I missed the landmark moment of some old guy being the oldest Arsenal scorer since a guy who was a bit older scored a goal 8 years ago, I’m actually devastated. I could have told my grandkids about that.



Let me help you - Sarcastic


I would’ve guessed it was Henry when he came back for a spell and scored that goal against whoever it was lol (stoppage time goal IIRC)






Don’t think this signing has had any sort of positive impact on us defensively like we hoped. Was always likely to be back up but was hoping he’d improve some of our other players with his experience. As for today when he had to come in and do a job ? Well he didn’t really do it.


Yeah. Though, to be honest, for me I mainly wanted a shithouse. We’ve seen a bit of that from him, but no where near enough for my liking :grin:


For some reason, this guy reminds me Sebastien Squillaci, which is always a reassuring quality to be compared with :xhaka2:


I want this guy to just start fighting refs from the sidelines

Would be worth it in terms of wages for sure. That should be his role.


So disappointed in him. Hasn’t shown any of that experience and nous. Playing shit.


Get this absolute trash off the pitch please.