Star Wars: The Old Republic Trilogy?


Ok so this is pretty fucking exciting. The article confirms that two of the creative minds from Game of Thrones are going to be working on a seperate trilogy of Star Wars films. It’s rumored to revolve around The Old Republic, which strangely enough I had mentioned just yesterday, would be a much safer bet for Star Wars movies going forward.

I’m not a fan of Game of Thrones whatsoever, never watched an episode, but it’s got to be a slam dunk that Lucas Film landed these guys considering the fucking fervor for GoT and the unparalleled success it’s had.

What a time to be alive if ur a star wars nerd like me!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Could definitely have potential but then again Rhian Johnson was lauded in the past and we ended up with the Last Jedi which was severely disappointing IMO.

Cautiously optimistic but not enthused with Star Wars right now.


Game of thrones ppl tho, aren’t they damn good at what they do?? Like I said I’m just not into the lore of GoT, but the story telling is epic from what i hear.


It is but the vast majority of it is adapted from George R. R. Martin which is not to say the two guys aren’t capable as Benioff is a pretty good writer in his own right with the likes of his City of Thieves novels and he wrote the film called 25th Hour which starred Ed Norton.

However, I’m not sold on Star Wars under the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy, for all we know some months down the line there will be some more “differences” and they leave the project.


Well yeah, I’m not sure about her either but that situation is completely different. Kasdan wrote the screenplay and Lord and Miller were completely ignoring it and having the actors improvise. Those are the rumours anyhow. If these guys write the script and direct it’s their own little project.


Once GoT got beyond the bits they could copy and paste dialogue from and they were actually writing it, it got a lot more stupid.

All they’ve done that’s any good is blow shit up, which is what any Star Wars writer is going to do.


Honestly, I’m a bit sick of Star Wars now. And I’m a fan. It’s becoming a case of just how much can we milk this cow.


Precisely what I was going to say


Noooooooo!!! Well ppl are still massively invested for some reason.


I’m sure they’re still talented of course. They were adapting from novels but it still takes great skill to adapt a novel to a screenplay for television.

But it is a concern that the dialogue and plotting went to shit when they didn’t have the source material to rely on. I feel like most people are now just into GoT for the spectacle and grand pay off that has basically been promised since the start.

You should give GoT a go by the way. I have never been the type to like fantasy stuff and resisted watching the show for ages but instantly got into it once I started. At least earlier in the show there was far more to it than just the typical fantasy stuff, it was at its core more about political scheming and pure brutal backstabbery and villainy. Plus there’s lots of nudity and violence which is always good fun.


Martin was working with them on the script and screenplay, because he was writing the books at the same time as they were filming. So it’s not like they were just making it up. :slight_smile:


Still too much of a coincidence that it got shit when they caught up with the books and then went ahead of them, whether he was helping or not.


They’re both piss poor writers and have fucked up the final series of Game of Thrones IMO.


No mate, tell us what you really feel.


I don’t think it got shit. It just feels rushed.


I think the plotting and scripting is a bit shit now. Each to their own.


much will depend on the target audience demographic which let’s face it is going to be generation Z and younger

Therefore this will not be consistent with the Laws of the Star Wars universe as originally defined.

You’re going to get people defining themselves as Jedi and defeating Sigh Lords five minutes later like in The Farce Awakens.

Shame what’s happened but guess old people who watched the original Lucas films won’t go to the cinema, buy crappy merch or video games so there’s zero need to make the franchise consistent to satisfy them.