Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Just like Ben Kenobi in A New Hope. That’s why I don’t like the new trilogy. Too much similarities.
Even when dead they can come back btw. Just look at Yoda.


That’s why I said previously… Disney made Luke a senile , hopeless, finished old, man. It should not be like that.

Yes, he could be disappointed, frustrated, upset, and very negative after Kylo Ren killed all his students…
When Rey showed up (should have told Luke about her battle with Kylo Ren), all the hope and fighting spirit should come back.

In the end, he is the grand master, supposed to be the strongest Jedi (at that moment). Seeking death or give up is totally unnecessary. Let Rey handle Kylo, and he takes on the bad boss (Snoke) would make more sense than “I die and you Rey clean up the mess”.


Saw this last night, oh my it was awful! So underwhelming. Maybe the mark of this Rian Johnson director, but what was the deal with all the cringey one liners and slapstick comedy? Was this meant to be the funny Star Wars, the light filling in between the J J Abrams material?

Oh it was bad, down there with the Phantom Menace for me and possibly at the bottom of the heap. Snoke has been rendered pointless, Luke’s involvement was underwhelming and even the attempted rehash scenes of set pieces like Hoth weren’t much fun. The whole chase scene was overlong as well.

3 out of 10, maybe 4 :grimacing::flushed: Perhaps I’m being harsh off the back of the most recent Rogue One being so excellent I dunno. Deserves another watch obviously



Let be honest, when you look past all the hype and drop the member berries, the new films are below average. Doesn’t have the same charm as the first 6

As general scifi films they’re decent watching but I thought the new saga was going to be more inventive and move away from the model of the old films. It has some moments and interesting concepts but I’m not impressed


I think Kylo Ren is a great character. Really enjoy that he’s a bit of a conflicted, petulant bitch. Vader is iconic and you just can’t make a badass villain in one of the new films who won’t look like a pale imitation. Best to just go in a different direction as they have.


The original trilogy yes, the prequels? Oh nooo man those are absolutely terrible. I pretend in my mind they don’t exist. To me yes episodes 4 - 6 are just way up there, but none of the new movies can even get close. Disney has done a much better job at making the movies enjoyable at the least as opposed to whatever the hell that was that Lucas tried to spoon feed his fans with the prequels.

Agree with you. A lot of people complain that he’s too emo or whatever, but he’s one of the more interesting characters in the new movies.


The prequel was alright you need to look at it as a whole. Yeah the were a bit wordy particularly the episode 2. Episode 3 had one of the best stories if you rewatch it and the best light saber ever at the end


I ain’t professional movie critique… Can you let me know more why the prequels were not good movies???

They told us the background of Darth Vader, the conflicts of Vader and Obi Wan, where Luke and Lea came from, why all the Jedi we’re gone… Etc.

Weren’t they nice movies???


It was far too sterile for me. I didn’t like the lightsaber battles at all. It seemed like they were ball room dancing more than fighting, it all seemed just so fake and over-choreographed. Episode 5 and 6 Vader vs Luke lightsaber fights are so much better imo.


I think they introduced some good ideas, characters etc but they as a whole the trilogy was executed very poorly.

They didn’t really make you believe Obi-Wan and Anakin were great friends like they said to be, dialogue was frequently cringe worthy, some characters were terrible and there was far too much sleep inducing politics.


You mean Obi Wan and Anakin?

I agree though. Terrible dialogue, the scenes with Padme and Anakin were cringe as you put it. So much politics talk in a kids movie lol, forgettable undeveloped characters, and the CGI doesnt hold up at all. One of Lucas’ biggest failures imo was not using actors and gaving everything on a green screen. The actors suffered and when you look back on the movies now its hard to watch because it looks like a cartoon.


Hahaha yeah, my bad.

That relationship didn’t feel as authentic and pivotal as it should have, Ewan was great but Hayden definitely needed better direction from someone that wasn’t George Lucas.


That’s Disney for ya…


The thing is we knew the outcome so there was no shock or suspense. Anakin vs obi light saber battle was the shit fast pace and fluid like to masters of the art loved it


That was definitely one of the best things of the prequels.

Great lightsaber battle, annoyed me that we didn’t get one in TLJ and also that Luke didn’t ignite the green one last time.


Another big issue was that Anakin wasn’t a likeable character at all. Throughout the original trilogy they made Anakin sound like Jesus Christ, butnhe ended up being like the most boring, stupid character ever. Makes me look at Darth Vader differently, kinda makes me dislike the Darth vader character. If I watched the whole trilogy in succession, Vader being redeemed would hold no wieght, why would I want that asshole emo kid to be celebrated like real Jedi Knights, Yoda and Obi Wan?


The problem is theybtreated like Jesus but was also weary of him. They were up they own ass this leading to anakin falling


Yeah ideally they should have cast someone else that would really make you root for the character, Hayden was not ready for that role at the time especially being directed by Lucas.

As you say it doesn’t quite link up with the picture we got of Anakin in the OT, it should have been a lot more devastating to the audience when he turned even though you knew it was coming. I also think there should have been more time with him as Vader stalking Jedi etc.


Watch this review, it’s masterful. Mr Plinkett is a fucking genius.