Star Wars: The Last Jedi


I defended TFA pretty hardcore because all the ideas they used were just EU (expanded universe) stuff that had been explored in the books. Believe it or not that whole Luke story that was used in TLJ was another one from the EU lol. it actually makes a lot of sense to me. Yoda in a sense also failed and spent years hiding and cutting himself off from the force in a similar environment. And Luke also sacrificed himself for the greater good, ala Obi Wan. I could see the nerd rage now had Obi Wan just given up amd let Vader kill him, in a recent movie, they’d be so mad and accusing the directors of assassinating the character.

My bigger gripe than anything is just that the characters went undeveloped throughout the entire movie and yeah there was a ton of potential for Finn, but instead he’s just kind of there. JJ actually did a ton of good work developing the new characters in TFA and it’s almost like we have learned absolutely nothing new to help us identify with their plight.


Tbh most of the character development went into Rey and Kylo, who had very little development in TFA. The only character that was truly developed in TFA was Finn.


On the whole I don’t even see it as character development tbh, Rey and her “training” was a joke and Kylo is just constantly angry because? Does he have constant diarrhea or something?


Because he knows he sucks, and can never be as good as Darth Vader, his grandfather.
You kill your own father for fucking nothing.


I felt a lot of the characters suffered in this movie. What was the point of Snoke, he’s dead and was hardly of any consequence. Captain Phasma has hardly even been a bit character, General Hux is used as a Kylo Ren punching bag, what’s the point of that character? They just did a poor job of making all the characters relevant and they seem like time fillers and they just have to be there because there has to be an emperor type guy, a boba fett type guy, and a Grand Moff Tarkin guy. you are right about Kylo and Rey though, that was definitely an enjoyable part of the movie I thought they got that spot on.


I’m going to see this tonight.

But I have to laugh at the sacred status the original trilogy seems to have over everyone.

I remember watching them and being like, ‘this is what everyone obsessed about for decades??’

It was one good film, one great film and one ok film.

Most overrated trilogy ever.

Anyways, let see how much I enjoy this one, I thought Rogue One was great and a lot better than TFA, which I just cba rewatching tbh.


The cult following is mainly because when it came out, it was leagues ahead of other films in the genre. And the originals still stand up now, in 2017.

And I think TLJ is arguably the best Star Wars film since those originals.


Man, the original trilogy was like 40 years ago…

We can always find the flaws if we look back… Matrix, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings, Harry Porter…


Of those, the only good one is LOTR.


IMO opinion they are all good movies… bring us a lot of good memories… childhood memories… and we had so many Hollywood stars to look up to… Keanu Reeves, Harrison Ford, Michael J Fox etc.
Of course, my all time favorite, Mark Hamill.


Eh nah, they are all damn good trilogies to a point except for the Matrix, they should have left that shit at the first one.

Star Wars in particular has perhaps included film the most.


Fuck I love LOTR.

Sometimes I wish I could erase it from my memory and relive it all over again.


I thought this was visually amazing. That whole scene in snokes chamber with Rey and Kylo :giroud2: plus the chi was amazing too.

But yeah I agree with the comments about not much character, or plot development how are we 2/3 films in with so little knowledge of Rey’s parents?

I feel like this will be the way it is now, the Disney Marvel formula for Star Wars, with episodic type entries with just a good guy overcoming a bad guy over and over with little overall progression. This may work for Comic books but I don’t think really does for Star Wars.


This is actually a reason I think the “spin-off” movies will be great, kind of already had Rogue One which was one of the best yet. With Han Solo there doesn’t have to be any character development. We know Han, we know Lando, Disney just has to make a fun story involving the pre developed characters. So I actually do have high hopes for that movie.

JJ will be back for the last one in this trilogy and I think that’s a big deal. The first one was actually a pretty good movie regardless of the whole soft reboot argument. Speaking of soft reboot I’m surprised this movie isn’t getting more grief considering it was like a mashup of ROTJ and ESB. Anyways I’m happy the series is back in safer hands. Calling it now though, I’ll bet Disney axe Rian Johnson before the next trilogy starts filming because of this debacle. Disney has fired directors for far less. On a different note I’m as big a star wars fan as you’ll find and I’m starting to believe that this might be a case there being too much of a good thing.


I not sure they will fire him. it’s kennedy who looks after the Star Wars brand and she’s the one firing directors like colin Trevor(Jurassic world) and Lord & Miller due to creative differences. Johnson sold his vision to her and she must love it for her to greenlite a trilogy for him to direct.

I don’t mind Johnson doing his own story he will have a clean slate to tell his own story and has long has he doesn’t take libertys with the force again(force projection so many problems with this).

Also in a unrelated subject the Han Solo movies out in a couple off months I don’t know why Disney didn’t drop a trailer for it before this film.


Fuck Disney… Luke supposed to be the Grand Master… A Jedi that could resist the Sith Lord and not tempted to kill his own father, should have a fucking strong mind… A fucking strong Jedi that could take on the dark side and face any difficulties.

Now, he is a senile old man like Wenger…

Fuck you Disney, fuck!!!


Was just about too say that…:joy:. I really appreciate that we have another Star Wars trilogy, don’t really have time for the extended Universe stuff (series, games etc), but a little more creativity would have been appreciated from my side.


Did you watch the end of the movie?

Arguably the greatest show of Force power ever.

What about Obi Wan and Yoda? They basically did the same thing as Luke.

It’s more nuanced than him just being a superman that can defeat everything.


Sorry, I don’t buy that “you die and join the force” crap happened that much.

What doesn’t make sense to me is, without dying, you are already with the force. You don’t need to die to be “part” of the force (again).

So many Jedi from the light side was sacrificed already (especially in the 3rd episode), even Darth Vader was turned and joined the light side. The light side had a full house long time ago…

A grand exit for Luke, I understand, but not like this, another unnecessary death.
I don’t see Qui-Gong Gin intentionally seeking death to help Obi Wan, Obi Wan did not do this to Anakin, Obi Wan did it for Luke but Yoda didn’t do this to Luke.


[spoiler] I think Luke had become tired and disillusioned, I think he felt he’d done his bit. If you look back at his legacy he’s done more than pretty much any other Jedi ever.

I don’t think he did died at the end to so he can help Rey in the future. He did it because he was done and he felt like he’d done his part and now it was up to Rey and the resistance to keep on fighting the good fight. [/spoiler]