Star Wars: The Last Jedi


And she didn’t invite u Id disown her


Lol she knows how big of a star wars fan i am but her husband’s brother is a big wig down at Disney and star wars is so huge even he could only secure two passes for the premier lmao. What really pisses me off tho is that they could have got me into the Rogue One premier because apparently there wasn’t as much demand, but they had no idea his bro could have come up with unlimited tickets for that one.


Going to see this on Tuesday and cant bloody wait!


Loved it!!!


Was great, probably in tied with Return as top 3.

I liked how they let Mark Hamill be Mark Hamill.


Going to watch it this lunchtime.

Thought it was really, really good.


I actually really liked this part, it’s like the only time Leah uses the force on screen and with the Skywalker blood line we all knew she was capable of something like that

I thought it was pretty damn good, I was gonna say 7/10 also, but just because Yoda was in it and how fucking awesome he was it gets an 8/10. There were some pretty awesome moments, but there were some things that bothered me too. Finn and Rose in handcuffs about to be decpitated and then when the ship is destroyed they are completely free of restraints :expressionless: also the old tired theme of the Rebellion being on the edge of extinction, but we are the last few who have to run and survive blah, been done to death. Also a little disappointed to not see Luke hand Kylo Ren’s ass to him, but I guess what they ended up doing was a little more unexpected.


Does anyone get the whole backlash the movie is getting in internet(reddit for example)? People saying it ruined Star Wars and shit?

And I’m just here thinking about seeing it again(and I never watch movies twice in cinema)


I thought the movie was just way too much filler and not really any great story progression between fights. Visually no complains, I like a lot of the jokes but ultimately it was a lot of angry finger pointing before something got blown up.


The only thing I didn’t like was Finn and Rose’s storyline, they were so redundant. You could happily have written them out of the whole story and it would not have been different.

Actually that whole arc would have been much better if it was just Finn and Poe going on a bromantic quest together, but as it is they could just delete it altogether.


Yeah I’m looking more into what people are saying about why they didn’t like the movie. Upon initial viewing I was pleased with the movie because it’s star wars and it’s always awesome to see a new story revolving around all your favorite characters, however I did feel like there was something missing. I’m just having a difficult time figuring out exactly what it was. FYI the fan rating on rotten tomatoes is only 56% right now, wtf that’s actually insane for a Star Wars film!

Edit: Actually that’s not insane the first two prequels are actually slightly better but only just…which means most fans are rating this as bad as Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones so yeah that is quite insane after all.


I’ll write more later on but on the whole judging that we’re two films deep in this trilogy they have not done justice to the OT characters particularly Luke and that’s damn near unacceptable.

It wasn’t terrible but this could have been one of if not the best Star Wars film to date, I feel like Rhian dropped the ball and totally changed the persona of characters that have been established for well over 30 years.

Finn had so much potential and it’s all gone to waste, his whole journey in this was redundant, poorly executed and he’s not the only one.


Yeah I’m really disappointed about Finn, I thought his character had SO much potential and I really enjoyed him in TFA so they way he developed this film really sucked.


Yep, initially I was excited about Rhian Johnson directing a new trilogy but not anymore tbh.

My anticipation for the last in this trilogy is almost non-existent right now, didn’t think I’d be saying that after watching TLJ.

It’s easy to see why Mark Hamil was buying what they were cooking.


JJ Abrams will direct the final chapter


Yeah, I know.

However, it’s been announced Rhian Johnson will be directing a totally new trilogy that has nothing to do with this one.


Mark Hamill hates what Rian did with his character he told Rian that before filming.

Rian trilogy could be good he will have a clean slate to tell his own story after episode 9


Apparently Rhian had damn near creative control on this so his new trilogy doesn’t fill me with hope.


It seems the nerd rage is aimed at how they developed Luke in the story, obviously many are unhappy with the way he died, which I would disagree strongly with, I thought it made a ton of sense after all we were waiting for the Obi Wan and Vader to have a fight and Obi Wan basicalky surendered for the greater good…which is exactly what luke did which I like. The alternative Lucas plan was to have Luke go to the dark side…Lucas is much mpre shitty. Also the nerds are unhappy with the various insane feats accomplished with the force. Leia in space, hologram Kylo, Rey and Luke ect


It’s not just the death, it’s the essence of his character that was totally re-written and shat on that I don’t agree with.
The whole damn film hiding out on the Island? Really?