Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Looks like Rian Johnson has killed it, shame he isn’t returning for IX

Super hyped for this and they didn’t even show the Knights of Ren.

Shit is about to go DOWN.


Why is the acting so unbelievably shit? In the old Star Wars it was a bit shit but there was also a kind of campy quality to it that made it okay, now in these new ones it just seems terribly shit and tiresome. The first new one with the guy from Girls I couldn’t even get past the first half of it.


Don’t agree with you tbh.


a CAN’T MISS movie… going to show my “dabbing” son this trailer tonight…


I noticed in the trailer that one point it looks like Rey is making the ground shake with the force and it pans to Luke looking amazed. But trailers are hard to decipher.


Well it’s coming out on Friday, is everyone excited?? From what I’ve read it sounds like it’s really good. The crtitics are kinda raving about it.


Hyped as hell. Going this Friday.


Going on Saturday, booked since Oct :nerd_face:


Going to midnight showing tonight I Carnt wait :grin::grin:


Going at midnight too, super psyched!!


Didn’t even know this was premiering this Friday. Weekend was all booked, so I sneaked us in on Monday.


Going this Friday, also discovered that in English day’s names start with capital letters.


Can’t bloody wait but can’t make it during the week so seeing it on Sunday, staying away from certain parts of the Internet, social media and what not until then.

Fuck spoilers.


Just got back from seeing this.

Takes awhile to get going but a great film plenty off action and humour and I would compare this film too empire and RoJ.
Film rating would be 7/10

One thing I hated was- massive spoiler don’t read until u seen the film

Leia being sucked into space and then floating in space and using the force to get back on the ship. It just throw me out off the film.


Only 7 of 10?? Not as good as the critics are building it up to be. I’m hoping this director can come through with the goods because they are entrusting him with an entire new trilogy.


I gave it a 7/10 due to its not has good has empire or rogue one an I consider it on par with TFA

Theirs some cool stuff in it one being a scene that’s showen in multiple angles

But my problem with the film is it’s two action ordinated and should have spent abit more time focusing on kylo and fleshing him out and making him this bad arse He’s suppose to be.

Carnt reaily comment on more abit this film due to spoilers.

I might change my score after another viewing but for now it’s a 7.

Rian Johnson next Star Wars trilogy could be good he will have a clean slate to tell his own story once this trilogy done.


Fair enough. I agree with you about rougue one, it’s been a year since release and that movie holds up after viewing multiple times. TFA for me, not so much. After the nostalgia wore off a bit I’m not as enamored with that movie as I am with ep 4-6, but for me Rogue One could be thrown in with the original trilogy and fit right in.


Went to the midnight screening last night, and I thought it was awesome.

Awesome action and serious battles. It tries very hard to be its own film and only borrows a bit from the attack on Hoth.

I really didn’t like Finn or his storyline in this film though, he may as well just not exist as a character to be honest. Everything he says and does is just redundant haha


Fml just found out my sister was at the premier in Hollywood this week, lol fucking jerk -_-


lucky to watch the movie way earlier than 99.999999% of the human race…