Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I haven’t worded it very well…What I really mean is that they will probably just rebrand what a Jedi is. Pure marketing bullshit basically is what I’m getting at. It’s just a theory :slight_smile:

‘Jedi’ is plural…

What you mean is the plural of jedi is jedi.

IIRC translated titles are singular.

Can episode 9 be named as the fucking “Last Sith”???

So sick to watch all the jedi got killed and not taking any fucking action and fight back.
Can’t they be more proactive??

If youve seen rogue one you would know that they cant do that.

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We don’t know for a fact a jedi gets killed :wink:.

The whole idea that the “Jedi” religion is extinct has kind of been the idea throughout the trilogy. Grand Moff Tarkin was under that belief in Episode 4 and he mentions it to Vader. Now Luke is the last one. I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that. Of course he could always end up training Rey and Finn.

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Haven’t watched it, not sure if I will

In episode 2 (3 actually??), all the good Jedi were killed by Order 66 and Sith???


Carnt wait midnight showing again I think

Fuck that looks good.

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Final trailer!


Yes yes yes


Booked my tickets this morning. :grin::grin:

Looks like kylo is still conflicted

Hype hype hype.

This looks fucking SICK

Will it top Rogue One?

It will be on par

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