Stan Kroenke


If only we had an Abramovich type figure, we all know how well clubs go with a massive fan base, prime location in London go under those circumstances.


He wanted us first over Chelsea but our owners warned him off


Fiszman died, and he was the only one on the board that could afford to buy everyone out and pay big money. I think there was also some stuff about him carrying on the good work they were doing, and he was a board member for a few years before increasing his stake so they probably thought he was a decent enough guy at the time.

Also I’m sure most of them didn’t mind going from rich people to very rich people overnight. Those shares went from something nice kept in families to the majority of the shareholders net worths. They were always going to sell to someone who was offering big money.


He was deciding between buying us and the Spuds at the time. It wasn’t us who turned him away, it was his investor team that did. They ran “numbers” and assumed Arsenal weren’t for sale even though he never put an official bid in. David Dein said that the club would have considered it if a bid was made.

No telling where we would be if we had an owner like Roman.


Well we had a bidder much like Roman in Usmanov. We’d probably be scummy as fk and I don’t want that. But I do want an owner that invests when we are in a pinch. And I think that investment should’ve come back when we were in austerity, he should’ve taken over with a promise to handle the annual stadium debt payoffs so that we could’ve spent what we made even then in compliance with a FFP prognosis (most transfer fees run over years, as do salaries obv.), even with the shitty deals back in the late 2000’s which was still probably £20m-£25m/yr. Another £100m over the 2010-2015 period could’ve made a huge difference. We could’ve maybe won something more, had a better reputation to players, a much higher quality squad perhaps by some success breeds success reasoning, to add players like Özil, Sanchez and Auba to, rather than a, bar 3-4 players, entire squad that cost nearly nothing to assemble and that needs to be shifted out and all that comes with trying to assemble a new winning mentality.

Obv. I’d also take a dosh injection now as well, but that’s when we could’ve mitigated the stress of the stadium buy the most effeciently is my guess. Even though I think that of course if we played it out differently so would every other team in response, but that it makes me think it would’ve put us in a better position to poach the '16 PL title. Who knows ofc.


I’ve got news for you. Football is scummy as fuck. I wish we had an owner like Chelsea or City who had ambition, won stuff and had good players


Ah, the House Lannister school of thought :arteta:


Pathetic this is the only way for a team to reach the very top. This is not what football was meant to be

The ideal for most supporters use to be a fan owned self sustainability. So your football club wasn’t beholden to one man or family.

I pray the bubble bursts


Well this is the way it is now. Your only gonna win the big trophies under some billionaire owner now. We either get the same or turn into Everton


I’ll take a scummy owner and a boatload of trophies and success. This game ain’t built for the kindhearted. You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight


So basically have the worst of both worlds, club isn’t owned by fans that care, nor do we have an owner that injects cash into the club…

Arsenal pretty much have the worst kind of ownership end of story.


Well fan ownership was never on the table, is rare in football and could never happen with a club of our size. Also I don’t consider external investment from an as owner an ideal, there’s more examples of owners injecting money and it eventually going wrong compared to the high profile ‘success’ examples of Chelsea and City

Or the less dramatic way of looking at things would be to say we’re somewhere in the middle ground.

It’s pretty laughable to see any Arsenal fan say we have the worse kind of ownership tbh. We have an owner who leaves the football matters to the experts, doesn’t interfere with operations, promotes a self sustainable model and allows the money generated to be spent. Pretty sure the Newcastle supporters would swap with Arsenal anytime

Sad indictment of modern football this. I’ve started to lose alot of interest in top level football because of it. What the point of anything if above is the ideal for supporters? Pathetic really


I suppose Liverpool ( should they win the league) are an example of a team winning the big trophies without the billionaire investment from the owner.

In regards to Stan letting football people run the football side of things this is true I concede, he’s just made more choices in regards to the CEO and management as to who those people are unfortunately.


How you feel about the new people anyway? Raul, Vinai, Sven etc Waiting for results?


So the only option we have is to wait for Stan to die and pray that Josh cares enough about us or decide to sell.



Wasn’t overly impressed with 35-40 million quid of our summer budget being spent on Sokratis & Leno.

Overall it’s too early to tell though, will have a better idea in 12-18 months time after this coming summer and the next season.

What about yourself ?


I’m ok with Vinai as managing director at this point. Seems like a good representative of the club and must of had a big role with alot of these commercial deals. There needs to be more visible and meaningful engagement with fans to prevent a negative atmosphere around the club in light of losing the AGM.

Raul has said a few thing which I agree with wrt Jan window and failed old methods at the club. The Ramsey situation is a plus in my book too. Torreira and Guen are good financial deals, Papa and Leno we’re not

I/m slightly suspicious of Sven and the business so far, will need to see how this summer window before forming a definitive opinion. Talent we’ve brought in hasn’t blown me away tbh. Disagreed with the strategy in the summer


This has some history though. The Blackburn Rovers title was bought by Jack Walker. Newcastle United went up in the mid 90s after John Hall got ownership of the club. Fulham had become a stable Premier League club after the Al Fayed takeover and he put a lot of money into the club. Abramovich and Mansour are doing it on a lot bigger scale, but hasn’t been this kind of stuff always been present in English football?


The stadium that so many people worked so hard to build and sacrificed so much for, that Kroenke simply inherited with absolutely no understanding of how much it cost.

And by that, I don’t mean financially. I mean leaving Highbury. I mean breaking up a brilliant team that should have been bolstered with new talent and remained properly competitive at the top of the Premier League and in Europe. We deliberately chose a path which would erode our football potency in the short-term for the long-term gain. And Stan swooped in, saw this shiny new stadium and its wonderful facilities, the corporate boxes, match-day income, and its land-value in North London, but never got what it was for.

It was so we could, as a football club, go head to head with the best teams in Europe every season. To challenge for the title, to win a Champions League, to increase our revenues so we could invest in best players to play for the team. Not to find ourselves in a scrap to stay in 5th while we tell our manager he can scratch around looking for Barcelona cast-offs on loan. I feel for Emery, because whatever issues we can see with his performance, I think he’s come into a club that is in worse shape than we have previously considered and the owner isn’t bothered that much because the Premier League will ensure the value of his investment continues to rise regardless of what happens on the pitch.

An excellent piece by Arseblog this morning as per.

Unai Emery

Kroenke is a cunt. Needs to give us some money we’re not asking for hundreds ffs