Stan Kroenke


Nonsense BS spin deliberately designed to antagonise simple minded Arsenal fans



The same simple minded fans that dared to criticise Wenger?

Kroenke will ruin our club.
We are absolutely desperate for quality defenders in this transfer window and I can guarantee we will do the bare minimum as usual.


Ugh, Le Grove can get fucked. Pete/Pedro is one of the more self aggrandizing and embarrassing “celebrity” fans we have. He spent the better part of five years waiting to dance on Arsene’s grave. Also sounds like he is a finance bro which automatically makes me dislike him.


Not necessarily disagreeing, but if I had to choose between spending stopgap 20-30 million now on another Papa type signing, I’d rather keep our powder dry and use all our resources more optimally in the summer


If I thought that was going to happen I would agree.
It would be preferable to wait and get better quality in the next window, for at least two quality defenders, but I don’t trust him to give Emery what he needs in either window.


What he needs isn’t the same thing as optimizing spending what we are willing to spend. Rather try something different like we did with Auba, Laca, Torry. Unless they are serious in Jan, wait until summer and retool.




This club is fucked. Messing with our transfer budget is one thing but messing with our beer?! I think another plane protest is in order


Still a pint more than half full at the Emirates. Dont hear that said often tbf.


Do people honestly believe that shit. I could tweet right now ‘stan kroenke told me yesterday that his Mrs and Son love touching dogs inappropiately on sunday mornings but never on mondays’

FUcking hell the shit people believe just to discredit someone with no factual basis is astounding


Yeah it is actually pretty clearly intentional tongue-in-cheek trolling…


Of course it’s fake.
Kroenke never goes to matches at the Emirates so he wouldn’t be able to tell anyone anything :grinning:


No. its clearly a joke.






Let’s be honest, as has been mentioned many times, I fear whoever manager we have at the helm, is always going to be restricted with Slient Stan in charge :kroenke: You don’t get that sense of ambition and everyone working in sync with each other. to create the best possible team across the whole structure.

Emery for sure earns some of the slack for the recent downturn in performances and team selections, but the team is a real mess and lacking so much, it’s unfair to put too much on him, when the enviroment just doesn’t seem to allow things to happen/

I hope Stan gets bored of owning the club and leaves one day but sadly that seems like a distant dream.


He doesn’t have to invest, but some investment would really get us out the pickle we are in. This is so self-inflicted ffs.

Imagine if we were still run by a board that actually cared about the club.

It’s been 1 shit decision after another. You invite a rich owner to take over your club, when a, you didn’t need one in the first place because you were self-sufficient, and b, you pick one that wouldn’t add any money anyways!

What were these fools thinking?


I have never been ever to square that circle… why the hell did the board sell to Kroenke? I didn’t see any advantages then, and I don’t see any now.


I always thought it was pretty simple. The board hated the idea of an Abramovich type figure coming in (apart from Dein) and Kroenke was easily able to convince them he was anything but.

Meanwhile Dein realised his mistake in first approaching Kroenke and went a different, unsuccessful direction.

What this club is could have been so different if Dein had been majority shareholder and not Fiszman.