Stan Kroenke


he was in charge when their squad was at their best do you think he had some sort of hand in that i would expect he did. Everyone is so quick to find fault with everything but never accepts any good in anything.


Sanhelli might have been a director at Barcelona but he wasn’t in charge. Txiki Begiristain was director of football until june 2010. After which Andoni Zubizarreta took the position over under the chairmanship of Rosell. Again Sanhelli was never in charge.


yes but yet again, do you think he just sat there like a fucking lump and did nothing? I think for the money he was on he did a few things at barca and had a glimpse of how things ran and had a hand a a good deal of stuff? Why the fuck is everyone writing everything off without even giving people a fair shout. A new system and backoffice this season and its barely been a few fucking games in 'oh i dont think the players will be good enough ‘i am not sure if Unai is good enough to get us back in the top 4’ ‘we will never get anywhere with kroenke in charge’ ‘we dont want success, because if we did we would have a better manager and players’ fucking hell…if everyone feels like that might as well give up on the club right fucking now.


I’n not shooting anything off. The notion that Raul Sanhelli brought Barcelona their best years is just wrong and laughable.


maybe brought them totally is too strong maybe ‘had a part in’ would be better as a phrase but the guy has credentials.


Time will tell what he can do and what he will bring. Since he has the leading role and the responsibility in player recruitement etc.


Nice piece


Oh please, active shareholders are bitter because now they have no more of an insight or access into the club than any other fan now. All that’s happened is smug fans who had “shareholder” in their twitter bio have to take it out now and they can’t trot out the share certificate like a badge of honour.

If you’re the relationship with the club or the ‘emotional bond’ changes because you were brought out i’d question the strength of the relationship in the first place. I’d question if it was just for superficial reasons you own. All this custodian aspect is all nonsense the AGM was total lip service for years


Kroenke is a parasite that has no business owning a football club he neither supports or cares about.
Especially one of the most famous clubs in Europe, with a proud history of decency and class.

He bought us to make himself even richer, and his ownership is dragging us down.
The only thing going up is his bank balance.


Lol. Some of these people inherited those shares. Obviously there can me be some sort of emotional attachment to that for that reason or some other reason. Who are you too decide different?


That’s a pretty strong opinion to have. I’m pretty sure it’s not just about the twitter status although to be fair I haven’t read the article yet. But on the face of your comment it’s hard to agree with you on many levels


If I owned a piece of Arsenal, I would never voluntarily decide to sell my share(s) unless I was having money troubles or something. We all have a huge emotional investment in the club but having a financial investment too must be special.

I can really sympathise with people who have been forced to sell. There is literally nothing they can do about it. It makes it all the more painful that the shares are going to what most people perceive as a foreign owner whose genuine intentions / ambitions for the club are not clear.

Being forced to sell something in any situation must be hard, let alone something that has arguably more sentimental value than anything else, and something you always thought you could pass down to your kids etc.


I think that’s the problem.
His intentions are clear.
He wants to make a fortune from the club, regardless of what it means to our PL position.


Read an article on Arseblog that all departments have been sent out an email to cut costs wherever possible.



Usmanov sure is a cunt, but he could’ve been such a great one for us :facepalm:


i really dont think this is the case, its more of a thing to fan flames how the fuck would arseblog know about the internal runnings of the club and be privvy to private emails its more than likely bs.


To be fair to him, at this point he’s got a few connections to say the least


Under Wenger, all 600 employees got paid.

After Wenger, they’re getting fired :sob:


Writing about Arsenal has been his day job for about 15 years now. I’d imagine he has a source or two.

What I don’t understand is why would him being full owner lead to this? We’ve just appointed a new MD. Much more likely that’s the cause.