Stan Kroenke


Glazers did.


With Tampa? I meant with US teams. Is it a done thing/permissable under league rules.


Ohhh I kind of doubt it, at least the way the Glazers did it. They financed the purchase , then transferred the debt payments from their company to the club. I guess if you think about it, it is still ultimately an asset they owe, among many and an aspect of THEIR debt whether directly attributable to MANU or not.

There is an argument to be made that it doesn’t make a hill of beans of difference bc the mega rich always have lots of assets AND debt. And if they sell MANU, it isn’t like they sell for full price and the buyer has some nasty surprise, it is all baked in.


I don’t think he did it with the Rams. The NFL is such a closed shop.

The one silver lining in all of this is maybe we won’t have to hear so much from Tim Payton.


But did he not do it because he didn’t feel like it or was it because he wasn’t allowed to?

Actually this is probably true. As a fully private owner he can take whatever money he wants out leveraged debt or not…


I don’t think he would have been allowed to in the NFL.


For US I don’t think you can, so I can’t speak to his motivation, but like I said it probably doesn’t much matter in the end unless he saddles us with debt payments then loses interest and forces us to operate without loss and including debt payments (kind of like Emirates funding era).

It is conceivable, but he hasn’t done it yet.


Isn’t this the nature of English football and haven’t clubs always been owned by individuals or a group of individuals?


I don’t expect him to operate at a loss. I would like to see Arsenal maximize its resources much better than it has under his ownership. Perhaps, the new hires over the last year or so are doing just that and it will take longer to see the benefits.

What gives me pause and makes me think that won’t happen is that Kroenke’s sports teams in the U.S. have bounced between hot garbage and mediocrity at best (jury is still out that the Rams have turned a corner in so much as benefiting from playing in a weak division last season).

The attempts at reducing financial doping haven’t had an impact as new sources of revenue (i.e. TV) have only increased the gulf between the halves and halves nots in the EPL. If Arsenal isn’t willing or is incapable of competing now due to mega rich clubs in the league/owners willing to lose some money in order to increase their chances of winning, then a lot of posters here need to realize that Arsenal under Kroenke is a 5th-7th place club. And, there are clubs behind Arsenal that could gain ground quickly and challenge that.


Not really. Club owners don’t purchase a team and strip mine it/load it up with leveraged debt for some other purpose. I’m not sure if its explicit in the bylaws of the NFL/NBA/etc., but I’ve never heard of an owner doing this in my lifetime.

As I posted earlier, the downside to this news is not financial related, its more related to on the pitch. His teams in America stink and have not only not won a championship, but have never competed for one. Arguably the most successful season of any team he owns is when Arsenal blew a title to Leicester. Given the shared revenue structure of American pro sports vis-a-vi the EPL/Euro leagues (and the salary caps in place in the leagues in which he owns teams), it doesn’t really matter that his teams aren’t that good as they continue to produce revenue and make a profit.

The concern for me is that he will continue his ownership approach under Arsenal and they won’t compete for a title unless they have a “Leicester like” miracle of everything going right in the same season.


He may be banking on the fact that London is a very attractive city for corporate types as a hedge against any losses felt by fans walking away if the club sinks into perpetual midtable blah.

Owning an EPL club is way different from an NFL franchise. Players can only enter the NFL through a draft system which rewards the worst performing teams with first crack at the new pool of players. Plus there are a fixed number of teams with no promotion or relegation.

I wonder if Stan realizes that attempting to continue the status quo of 4th - 6th place could lead to people abandoning the club, supporters and corporate types alike.


He probably just wants to timeshare the stadium with the London Rams


Time for a Phoenix club. :jakey: FC Royal Woolwich Arsenal of Islington.


I hear he’s investing in nukes and will be using Colney as a testing ground


I’d totally buy their shirt (if it wasn’t shit). And not from no terrorism funding knock off merchants either!



He has dragged us down since he arrived and this will just confirm our status as a top six club with an owner who has no interest in anything to do with football apart from the obscene amounts of money he can make from us.

He is by far and away the worst thing that has happened to the club.


how do you know that, that is just conjecture…we will just have to wait and see, i reckon that arsenal are gonna surprise a few people. You dont put this team in place with someone who brought Barca their best years etc to just dwell in 6th place forever, stop being such a misery guts and be optimistic at least.


Since he arrived he has sat back and watched us go from title contenders to fighting for a Europa League place.
Our transfer dealings are the bare minimum for a top European club and he has no interest in football other than how much money it can make him.

Do you really think we are going to be competing with Europe’s elite with him? because if he was ambitious he would have done something while Wenger was here.


Hahahaha. Sanhelli didn’t bring Barcelona their best years at all.