Stan Kroenke


What a bastard cunt.

David Dein deserves to be cursed for introducing this cunt leech to the club tbh, and the rest of the board for selling shares to him.

Only hope we got is if he does quickly and Josh turns out to give a bit more of a shit.


Yeah I don’t understand why people persist with negative speculation like this. We’ll see if he pulls a Glazers but so far no indication he will.


On the plus side, Piers Morgan will no longer be an Arsenal shareholder


Not optimistic, but with single owner at least you avoid the BS of owners staring at each other about investment and spending and there are more situations where investment (short term deficit spending) can take place. It was clear Usmanov and Kroenke didn’t see eye to eye or trust each other.

To be honest, I mostly expect Arsenal to continue to run under self-supporting model long-term, improved commercials as we are now out of debt mode, and a very hands off approach to footballing matters. I further expect greater than average patience from owners re: leadership, but nothing like we have seen under Wenger reign.

If those are accurate predictions, I don’t have real problem with it. Would I like a sugar daddy? Yeah every once in a while, but there is also something I am very proud of as a fan that we haven’t contributed to doping in the sport.


Stan is what 71 ? What’s average life expectancy ? 83 ? So that’s 12 years or so and hopefully his son cares more about winning :fire:


Is he gonna leave his role to his son soon?




He wouldn’t be doing this to maintain the status quo.

No doubt a raft of changes will be implemented should he take full control and they won’t be positive.


Having calmed down, this just makes me sad as it further underlines that football is just not the game it once was.

Sky money and ubercapitalistic ideals have ruined it and are just looking to milk as much money out of it as humanly possible, it’s not a sport in the foremost sense anymore.

Thinking this especially after this morning’s news and last night’s CL qualifiers, where actual winners of their leagues, storied clubs, have to go through more and more qualifiers just to make it to the CL group stages, while the 4th best team in some big money league is rewarded for failure and is parachuted straight in.

People then take such a short terms view of ‘it dilutes the competition to have these shit teams’. They’re only shit because of this shit system, where inequality is entrenched and money is everything. If you don’t have it, you rot.

These teams weren’t always shit you know, and they’d provide awesome competition as they once did if you level the playing field a bit


Would much rather have the ownership style they have at Barça and Madrid that this shit heap. We’ll essentially become the plaything for one individual’s wishes


Aussie, counting down to his death is harsh as fuck :joy: take it that wasn’t a 100 percent serious post haha


That’s the dream but even just having the board that we used to have before they sold it down the river.

a group of rich people that still at least got the club and wanted success for it.


Wasn’t being overly serious, but I wouldn’t shed a tear if he passed.


Aussie with the subtle “if he dies, he dies.”


Do the right thing Stan buddy, get the fans inside with some Dembouz and I at least will never complain again.

Something to take away from this terrible PR.


Terrible news.

Kroenke’s major sports teams have played a combined 51 seasons and won their league championship only once, and that was the very first year after he bought the Colorado Avalanche, which had a great team when he purchased them. Our second place finish in 15-16 was the only time any of his teams have finished second (or gotten to the finals in American sports). Think about that: Our disappointing season when we got 71 points, never really challenged, and allowed Leicester win the league was actually the second best season out of 51 that Kroenke’s teams have ever had.

Its a stunning record of mediocrity.


Kroenke is a nob


Time to hop on the Atléti (:heart:) train with me, boys! Madrid is a much cheaper city to live in than London anyways!


And Wenger isn’t here anymore to manage us miraculously to top 4, while overcoming massive mediocrity infesting the squad.


i dont think this will be as terrible as most people think. No more infighting whoever that is on the board will be focused on taking the club forward without pratting about with this Usmanov Vs Kroenke shit. If Kroenke turns out to be in the style of the Glazers so be it. So fucking many of the United fans fucking bitch and moan about it, but look how many sponsors the Glazers got from america and how their coffers have swelled since their inception. In all liklihood Kroenke has even more contacts than the Glazers who knows he might even be able to get walmart brands involved in some way etc, i mean Mancity have etihad sponsoring them well guess what Kroenke has a lot of businesses in america and what of all the sporting partnerships he could set up etc could be a massive deal going forward for us financially. Whoever hates it what can you do, all fucking clubs are going that way now it seems anyway.