Stan Kroenke


That’d be like triple Usmanov’s investment. Not bad.

I don’t know why he held on so long, if he really likes football he should have bought another club. He could probably take back his original investment and still buy Newcastle with the profit :mustafi:


Delighted to have Usmanov out, but it’s very concerning to have Kroenke in total control. You could argue he essentially already is, but this essentially guarantees we are stuck with him for as long as he wants.


We’ll be delisted from the Stock Exchange and Stan is likely to load the debt against the club. We can’t carry that debt the way united did. So yep, I think it’s very bad.

Reckon this is why Ivan is bailing tbh.


Confirmed we aren’t winning another league title in my lifetime, Stan’s teams never win jack shit of anything of super importance.


Does this mean we can buy Dembouz now?


Did you read the statement ? :slight_smile:
It says the loan will not go against the club


AST statement explains well why this is pretty dreadful news:


That’s all theoretical/speculative. Seems silly to get upset about things that have not happened yet


Nope, didn’t read it. Means nothing once we’re delisted anyway as it will just be a refinance/new loan.


What gives you confidence that Kroenke, who chose 3 days before the season starts to execute this takeover, gives two shits about our club?


Well you can be pretty sure a multimillion pound takeover hasn’t been initiated today lol. Probably been in the works for a year or more

There are rules which govern public disclosure for such transactions like these. Kroenke hasn’t chosen anything


Apparently Deutsche sanctioned the loan 5 days ago.

You are mad if you think this is remotely positive for Arsenal. I hope that I’m wrong but, at bare minimum, this is a means for him to use Arsenal profits to pay off that loan and make $$$ for himself.


I don’t know what it means, I’m waiting to see what happens and I’ll form my opinions on the matter based on that.

It’ll be public knowledge if he does any of the things the AST claims. If things stay the same, I haven’t got an issue with one person owning the club tbh. If major changes happen my thinking will change


So he got money. He just doesn’t want to spend it.


That isn’t true. Now Arsenal is off the stock exchange shareholders receive a compulsory order to sell shares.

The accounts will then move to Delaware and we won’t have a clue what’s going on.


Most of what you’ve said is speculative and theoretical. If any of what you say happens, particular the changing of registraion I’ll change my opinion, it’s that simple really


Were you one of those people who thought van Persie wasn’t leaving when we signed Giroud?


What happened?


Can’t remember that far back, surprised you have a half decent recollection of individual forum members views from back then :joy:


I’m not saying you were. Just checking.