Stan Kroenke




Silent Stan is the #1 person that I want to get kick out of the club, even ahead of Wenger.
All he cares are the bank account and fucking barn.


He’s the number one person that won’t be going anywhere.


Yeah and the Kroenke critics are getting boring unless they want him gone b/c he stuck with Arsene’ too long or admit they want a sugar daddy. We have spent WAY more under Stan - we have just spent unwisely and I would argue that spending more (e.g., the summer we got only Cech) is being more limited by Arsene’ himself.


He calls it his Barnk Account :grinning:



Aren’t all americans vice presidents, vice chairmen or senior vice presidents of something?


Balls on you Stan, you finally did it.


I’d never heard of this Overwatch thing. Apparently it’s fucking huge. Clearly the fucking guy has too many irons in too many fires to have any concern outside of Arsenal’s balance books, but that’s they way these cunts roll.



fuck off Stan m8


It’s happening. He’s not issuing official notices like that without having some indication usmanov is willing.


Yep Usmamov is going to join his mate at Everton


interesting, lets see if all the thing the AST were scared about last time actually comes true.


It’s been reported that it’s not an offer but Usmanov already accepted indeed.


Looks like silent Stan wants the lot…


A cash offer? That sounds like a heck of a lot of suitcases


RIP Arsenal.


Is this bad news?